And in spite of it all, knitting happened!

Busy weekend!

Friday I spent rolling out the newsletter, which was exciting!  There’s still some glitches, but if you’re interested in updates on new releases and future projects, we’re hammering out the kinks. Feel free to sign up HERE. 

So, that was Friday, Saturday was going to a craft fair–or, rather the same craft fair as last year, but without the rain and with Chicken which was even more fun!  Mate and Squish went to a King’s Game Saturday night while Mom stayed home and worked. And today was a little bit of house cleaning and some shopping. Squish is going on a camping trip in December– the 6th grade science trip–and she needed a bundle of things, including boots.

We took the opportunity to visit toiletries, including Old Spice More Swagger scented body wash, and it’s companion, Man-Sized Swagger. BTW? If you get a chance to look at men’s deodorant for fun (like you do) by all means enjoy the ad copy on the back. It’s a barrel full of “scent elves” I can tell you that!

Whew! Did I mention everything we did?

I don’t know.  Something about finishing a book and writing a blog tour and hey…what’s this? Knitting?

Well, yeah.

Today, after the shopping and the housecleaning I rewarded myself for finishing the book by knitting.

Well… mostly.

You may notice lots of awkward pictures of the animals from close range.

This could be because the animals take that whole, “Hey, Mom’s sitting down and not moving!” thing as a free market invitation to move in.

And on the one hand, it’s sweet and squishy and warm.

On the other… there is no knitting getting done which is my only excuse for watching TV, dammit!

So–this weekend I’ve seen Billy Elliot and The Professional on the re-watch side of things, and Kong: Skull Island and Bruce Springsteen: In His Own Words in the “New to Me” side of things.

Loved them all.

Seriously–I cried like a baby during the Springsteen biopic. It was beautiful, and frankly, he’s so good with words he makes me want to quit. Game over. Done. Finito. I’ll never write as good as Bruce so why try.

But then, I ‘m not singing rock’n’roll so I might still want to keep going.

And once I move the animals I may keep knitting too!

Night all!

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