And… scene.

I know I’m getting stressed when I start pulling out ALL THE PATTERN BOOKS so I can start a new… name it. Pair of socks, scarf, sweater, what-have-you. The fact is, I’ve got one scarf and three shawls on the hooks/needles RIGHT NOW and a pair of socks that has a deadline but OMG I wanna… I wanna…

Well, frankly, I wanna do anything but go back to work or clean my house. (Because Goddess forbid my procrastination take any form that will benefit me OR my family… of course.)


So it’s a short blog post tonight. Because I’ve got 3K to go before I sleep, and it’s been the sort of day where everybody needs a second, you know?

Also there was stress knitting. With maths. Those of you who tuned in last night may have witnessed the horror that is me and maths. We shan’t be reliving that, yes?

Anyway– three things:

*  I was actually going to blog about logical fallacies. In the big Ravelry kerfuffle on Twitter, trolls came out full force with straw men, inverse logic, ad hominem, you name it, they committed an informal logic fallacy, and I wanted to clarify what those were, because obviously if any of our journalists cared about debate or the truth, they would be addressing these things in the news whenever Republicans committed them, but they don’t, because they assume we’re stupid. (We’re not stupid.)

But as I was researching to refresh MY skills, I came upon this article, and I was a like, “Whoa–I don’t need to do a blessed thing, this is amazing, and it has VIDEOS.”

So here you go–I’ll be chewing over this for a WEEK:

*  The kids spent all weekend at the pool. Seriously– between the two of them they had three different pool parties, one of which both of them attended. So this morning when I was getting ready to go swim I asked them if they wanted to come and they were like, “God, no. Sunshine, water–I’m over it.”

*  I woke up from my nap surprised because Mate was home–he usually doesn’t get home until much later. He’d been going to take a workout class (offered at work) but it had been canceled so he did time on the treadmill and then just came home. Anyway, I was like, “Uh…” Because I’d planned to write for another hour. He was stung. I wasn’t “Yay! Mate’s home!” I was, “Uh, I’ll just listen to my headphones and let you watch TV.”

So I tried to explain–“I need to write 20K by the 30th. That’s like, what? Friday? That’s fourK a day!”

He was like, “The 30th is Sunday.”

“Oh. Well then.  That’s… well, it’s still rough, but it’s doable.”

“You don’t even know what day it is.”

“It’s Monday. And I just woke up from my nap.”

If he keeps rolling his eyes like that at me, they’re going to pop out some day.

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