Baby Groot

Not much to report tonight–sorry!  

ZoomBoy is rehearsing for his choir program on Saturday–and picking him up late from school may seem like a giant pita but I remember band and drama productions of my own. I usually found a ride, because asking my parents was no bueno– if they weren’t working they were pissed that I asked and if they weren’t pissed that I asked they totally didn’t get the reason I might kind of like to be on time. Getting ZoomBoy from school is a chance to set that right. Big T needed it once or twice, but Chicken was almost entirely all dance and soccer. I’m pretty proud of ZoomBoy and his willingness to try any and all performing art. He’s amazing. 
Squish performed last night–“Monologue-a-palooza”– and some of the presentations were really great!  But a moment here, to shout out to the poor drama teacher, and the art of “making do.”  She doesn’t get a budget, people–hell, she didn’t even get a heated MP room. They killed the houselights, but they didn’t have a spotlight–all the performers were backlit from the lights on the stage.  They had two microphones–and old stands–so for Squish’s skit, the only one with three performers, they put one of the microphones on the table, and the feedback/gain on the sound system was so loud we couldn’t hear them.  
And, as the kicker, Squish was sick– she’d been holding on all week just so she could perform. So, for the half-hour we were waiting for her in the freezing MP room, all we could hear was “hack hack hack”–as in, everybody there to see their kid heard it. I’m sure someone out there is going, “Who was that hacking last night! Whoever they are, you’re sick and I’m pissed!”
It’s a shame. She actually is very funny in a really unique way. She got into the car the other day and I told her about how, during aqua aerobics, the sun came out in the middle of the freezing fog. 
She said, “You guys were all like this!”  And then she did a spot-on imitation of Baby Groot. I’ve been laughing about it for three days.
Chicken (whom I don’t talk about much per request) got accepted into the teaching credential program. *happy starry eyes*  Yeah. Chicken 🙂
And Big T turns 27 tomorrow. For those of you who have been here since the beginning, uh, yeah. I’m a mother of a grown assed man. He really is the best of men, on his way to his BA in English, which is not an easy feat for him, working, and living independently. I’m proud of him every day.
Just for shits and giggles, I went back in time twelve years to the first blog about T’s birthday I could find. This is from 2007– Enjoy:  BIG T TURNS 15   I have to admit–it surprised even me.

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