Back List Badump-Bump

So, I owe this one to Shea O’Connor, oh lady fabulous, who sent me the Stand by Me video of, well, “Lollipop!” (badumpbumpbump…)

It was an obvious segue to the new release, and fun, and of course, Amy can’t HAVE nice things, so she spent a half an hour on YouTube looking for some of her favorite “book” songs.

Many of them are melancholy– and some are well known. “Gypsy Biker” for instance is known to anyone who’s read Mourning Heaven, because that harmonica riff… ooolf!

But some of them not so much. “Cotton” is a song I’ve always loved, but coupled with the video of the older couples, it hooked onto Selfie this time.  “Down by the River” is a song I was wild for last year at this time, and it made it’s way into Winter Ball. Beneath the Stain has a lot of songs attached to it– someone even made an iTunes list!  (Which made me very very happy!)  The song I have here was a song I heard after the book was published– but that didn’t mean it didn’t just hit me in the feels for Mackey!

And the video for “Past Pending” inspired the character of Nascha in Deep of the Sound. 

So– you know. Enjoy!  (Riptide doesn’t have the skinny little banners, or I would have used them. I just love the chance to use the cutaway of the dog and the cat from Lollipop 🙂


Lollipop– yanno, Lollipop

Gypsy Biker– Mourning Heaven

Cotton– Selfie

Coats of Ice–Beneath the Stain

Down by the River– Winter Ball

Past Pending– Deep of the Sound

0 thoughts on “Back List Badump-Bump”

  1. Yes, Gypsy Biker. Ooolf, indeed. Also Coats of Ice and Past Pending.

  2. Leslie says:

    So. I just stumbled onto "Beneath the Stain" thanks to Amazon recommendations and my inherent love (obsession?) with m/m romance stories. Can I say that I cannot remember ever crying (in a good, cathartic way) as much as I did reading that book? Shit, woman, that was brutal, but wonderful too. And HOTT. So thank you for that.

    Also, YAY KNITTER! Saw your profile on Rav but looks like you don't go there often so I figured I'd leave a comment for you here. I'm udontcallmeles there if you're interested, but anyway, I'm off to check out Racing for the Sun!

  3. Wait till you read Chase in Shadow. Or Beneath the Rushes. Or Keeping Promise Rock. Or, gawdelpus, The Locker Room. Saying.

    I mean, I love all the Amy, any flavor, but she ain't the Queen of Angst for nothing. Enjoy the discoveries.

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