Bitter Moon– Triane’s Son Completed

4: Triane’s Son Reigning

 Okay– I know you’ve seen the covers before.  But, well, the series is out now, all four books, and I thought I would remind you.

Bitter Moon IV: Triane’s Son Reigning is out today.  It’s the last book in the series, and the moment is bittersweet for me.

While this series was in editing, I frequently got notes from the editors that they were in tears– that this book, of all of them, completely destroyed them.  At the very end, the editors told me I’d accomplished something incredible, and I should be proud.

I am proud.

I was proud six years ago when I finished this series and published them on my own–but I was also a little disappointed.  The Little Goddess series did so well for a self-pubbed series– I had just started figuring out sales trends, and I couldn’t figure out why this series wasn’t selling the same way.

3. Triane’s Son Fighting

Well, the fact is, fantasy and science fiction– as much as I think they’re the pinnacle of human achievement– don’t really sell as well as romance.  Knowing what I know now, I understand: romance sells hope.  Fantasy and science fiction very often sell painful reality with a pretty change of scenery.  I know that for all of the pre-industrial setting, the world building, the magic, that these books involved, there were some painfully real things in them that made them difficult to edit.

I figured I’d compile a list of “Bitter Moon” trivia– things about my life that coincided with these books–to maybe make that a little more clear.  Also, it would be great to have a bunch of that all in one place.

So, some things to know about The Bitter Moon saga– on this, the day, of it’s completed release.

*  This series originally came in two volumes. (You can still see the original cover art here and here, because won’t let the three copies in existence die.) For the re-release, we split each volume into two pieces, because the original books were over 200,000 words one, and industry standard, especially for young adult books, is half that.

2: Triane’s Son Learning

*.  I started writing these books because my older kids were in middle school–I had written the first three books of The Little Goddess series which were “adults only”, and they wanted a book they could read.  My daughter read the first of the books, my oldest son was not really ready for all of the figurative language.  Chicken probably could have read the second book, but by then I was reading her all the good parts as I was writing, and, well, spoilers ho!  Chicken hates spoilers.  And, of course, by the time I was done with the second one, she’d already read The Little Goddess series, because, yes, they do grow that fast.

* The protagonist, Torrant, is bisexual.  He did not start out that way, but, well, I fell in love with his school friend, Aylan, and Torrant did too, even though he was moon-destined to Yarri.  I had to accommodate the ending so that they could have their moments.  It was worth it.

*  In the original version, Yarri didn’t live.  All of my beta readers (except one– sorry Erik!) said, “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”  *sigh*  Too much tragedy.  When I read the books again, I realize they were right.  My heart was sore when I was done with them as it was.

1: Triane’s Son Rising

*  I started writing these books right after Squish was born– she was probably two months old.  When you are first introduced to the Moon family, they are pretty much where my family was at that time.  Bethen is pregnant with her fourth child– a redhead–and her three-year old is giving her fits.  One of the funny things (to me, anyway) was that when “Roes”  (a.k.a. Chicken) is full grown, I keep referring to her as “short and practical”.  That’s because in eighth grade Chicken was 5’3.  Then she started high school, went to sleep for nine months, and woke up 5’9″–and willowy.  Funny how, even when you’re there, you still miss the ways your children grow.

*  My first year back to work with Squish was excruciating.  I blogged a lot of it on the “lost” blog, and I was a lot fiercer and a lot angrier then.  I alienated co-workers with my honesty–and, quite frankly, with my overwrought presentation.  I once made a list of shit that went down when I went back to work that year– the computer, the administration, other teachers, AND the student body really were out to get me, in tangible, painful ways.  It sounds paranoid–I know it.  It sounded like the rantings of an exhausted, hormonal bitch on wheels, even when I was writing it then.  But now, looking back at it, I realize that just because I was paranoid didn’t mean they weren’t out to get me.  By the time I started book two (or books three and four now) my hero was stretched unbearably thin and under siege.  By the time he reached the end of his story, I was a sobbing, hysterical mess.

And then the “thing” happened.  If you read the books, you will read about “the thing” as an addendum in the last book.  The thing broke my heart.  Losing a student you are close too is never easy.  I may never get to write a memoir about the vainglorious prickweenies who made my life miserable, the cowardly groveling our administration did at the feet of a parent who worked for the district, the breaking and shifting of an atmosphere made toxic by misogyny and despair.  But I have Torrant, and the way his soul seemed to be destroyed one piece at a time.  The fact that he is alive and happy at the end of this story is, to me, one of the most optimistic things I’ve ever written.

*  While I was writing these books, I took breaks in between to write The Green’s Hill Werewolf series, one novella at a time.  I remember the first time I blogged about Jack & Teague & Katy– I was extremely self-deprecating back then (if you think I’m bad now!) and I called it “gay werewolf porn”.  (Forgive me, everybody.  Seriously.  Especially if you love Teague as much as I do.  Forgive me.)  One of my colleagues pulled me aside to tell me how far I’d fallen.  I couldn’t explain to him, even then, how much it meant to me that Teague, damaged, broken Teague, found comfort and love.  I’m a lot more articulate now–and I’ve had too many people tell me how much my stories mean to them to blow anything I’ve written off as “porn”.  (Not that there’s not a long, distinguished history of porn–just my work isn’t in it!)

*  The year after I finished Bitter Moon II, I wrote Rampant, and If I Must, and Keeping Promise Rock. The rest, as they say, is history, and I’ve been writing almost strictly m/m since.  I’m going to break that this summer, and write Quickening to follow Rampant, and I’m worried and stressed– and exhilarated.  I miss this kind of writing.  I miss alternative universes, and shape-changing angst-monsters, and fierce little women with sexual powered nuclear fusion rays shooting out their mouths.  And editing this story for re-release reminded me of the sheer creative force that such writing entails.

It also reminded me how far I’ve come, and how much more I’m bringing to the table.

So there you go– The Bitter Moon Saga.  If you read it, and you’re new to Amy Lane, remember, it’s not a romance.  It’s an epic fantasy with strong romantic elements.

And it was written to break your heart.


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  1. Thank you for writing so many wonderful books. I love this look behind the scenes, and I wouldn't be surprised if you get an avalanche of people wanting to win. Please count me in. =}

  2. Unknown says:

    It sounds like writing this saga is one of the things that kept you sane during that very trying time…. and maybe even pushed you onto the path you have now.
    While I hate that you had to go through that, I AM so glad it pushed you to become the writer you are today. What amazing talent we would have missed out on if you hadn't said FU all. I'm doing this! {HUGS} Tawny

  3. Lee Todd says:

    I'd love to win all 4 books! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Unknown says:

    I'd love to win the series. I keep eyeing them, but there's just SO MANY books to buy!

  5. LE Franks says:

    Epic fantasy by an epic writer. Thanks for your words Amy!

  6. Emily says:

    Everything about this series is a win! Artwork! Author! Plot! WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love a chance to win them all since I have not purchased these yet.

  7. Donna Lee says:

    You, my dear, are amazing. Your head is filled with stories just begging to be told and you do each and every one of them justice.

  8. Unknown says:

    This jumped to the top of my "wish list" simply because of everything I just read here. Cannot wait to read!

  9. Unknown says:

    I'm amazed at how much of yourself you put into these books. I want to read them even more now – not for the 'this is Amy's life', but for the survivor story of it. Thank you for the chance to win them all ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Unknown says:

    I have always been a fan of science fiction & fantasy and would love to win the books!

  11. Carole-Ann says:

    Oh, people, what a lovely, lovely treat awaits you!

    Bitter Moon is exceptional (IMHO) & I still have the two original self-pubbed books sitting proudly on my shelves (as well as the 4 new e-books lying languidly on my laptop) ๐Ÿ™‚

    *hugs* and *smoochies* for Amy!

  12. Unknown says:

    I fall a little more in love everytime you write about them. I greatly appreciate books with a little piece of the author real life in them.

  13. Unknown says:

    Everytime you talk (write) about this series I fall a little more in love.

  14. Unknown says:

    I think I want to sit next to you and talk to you more than I want to win books but I love Gini for posting your page on Facebook and am now planning to stalk*cough*follow you. You sound like you love writing and I am looking forward to discovering your worlds, all of them.

  15. Tdb78 says:

    These sound so wonderful, I don't know why I haven't read them yet! Thank you for all the little pieces of you you give us in your stories. It makes them fabulous!

  16. Jen says:

    The covers for the series are gorgeous. And I already love your writing! Thanks for the giveaway and all the blogging you do.

  17. Unknown says:

    Love Sci-Fi and fantasy for me it's an escape. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  18. Devony says:

    I will be reading this series…Tho you saying it was written to break your heart makes me plan to have a whole case or 2 of Kleenex handy, because woman you write heartbreak beautifully. Tho It's intimidating too 0-O lol glad you dropped that somehow the hero finds his Happy by the end.
    I am sooo happy that in the near future we will get more Little Goddess! I have missed them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Laurie P says:

    Everything you write is an amazing work. I haven't read this series yet, but I can't imagine it would be any less than truly wonderful.

  20. Thomaidha says:

    I'm not commenting for the contest, I just wanted to say what a magnificent writer you are and freaking much you enriched at least my reading-life with your existence and your brilliant books. I'm so happy the final book on Bitter Moon Saga is out, I can't wait to read it. It's been an incredible journey, one I'm almost reluctant to finish. However I'm cool with Torrant's closure/final book, as you are providing us with an abundance of characters, new ones every time that rock our world.
    Thank you for writing Amy ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Aim4theNeck says:

    You said the magic words….. " It was written to break your heart."
    I need to read these books!

  22. Tara says:

    Fantasy and m/m books are my two favorite genres . I'd live to read something of yours that was both. I am a fan of your and love to read your blog it always makes me smile.

  23. Galad says:

    I loved these books from the very beginning, and am so happy they will now receive a bigger audience (which they surely will!) I well remember what a difficult time that was in your life, and yet you kept writing and creating beauty. Bravo!

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