Calling all headless chickens…

Okay–my week wasn’t as shitty as Batman’s, but still!

Bullet post today… cause I can’t think in a straight line…

*  I leave for New York on Wednesday.  Does that not blow your mind?

*  Big T got a job.  Selling knives.  Guess who taxis him back and forth to his training?

*  Short people have had minimum days.  Guess who goes to pick them up and then turns around and picks up Chicken two and a half hours later?

* Went and bought a purse yesterday.  A real one.  At J.C. Penny’s.  Brought Sam’s mom, brought Sam and his little brother, brought my kids… none of them had been in a department store short of Christmas.  They thought it was the circus.  Sam’s mom and I thought it was a little nuts.  The funniest part was when she said, “You’re so good at making such quick decisions!”  I was watching the kids run around in circles and going “I have a choice?”

* On top of that, there is yet more lawyer stuff of which to not speak.  *headdesk* I’m starting to think of this whole thing in Dean Winchester terms.  From now on, I’ll refer to it as “Starship” because it’s awful, and it never goes away.

*  It’s been raining–so all the driving is in the rain.  There is no walking or swimming in the rain.  I was plenty fat before.  Now I feel it.

*  I bought new clothes.  Don’t make me less fat.

*  Country Mouse went live!  Some of you might remember that this is the story I co-wrote with the lovely and professional and highly talented Aleksandr Voinov.  It was a trip– we would write at the same time from half-way around the planet–the cursor would move without my help, words would come out, and then I’d take over.  Weird.  But cool.  And I love the story– Owen and Malcolm are fun guys– watch them take on London–and each other!

*  My crazy friend Wendy came over to dye my hair better.  Yes, I could have paid someone to do it–but then I couldn’t have talked my friend into coming over to visit.  It was fun.  My hair still looks like a rabid squirrel attacking my head–but now it’s pomegranate red!

*  Teacher’s conference this week (because they had to be.  That’s just my life!)  Squish has improved dramatically– because she can’t help but be dramatic.  We’re proud–but not surprised.  We were pretty sure once she found a way to succeed and be the bestest, she would implement her plan to be the bestest.  Her teacher even forgave us for flunking homework!  (A Kindergartner in a full time Kindergarten?  DOES NO HOMEWORK.  And THAT is the frickin’ rule!)

*  Zoomboy brought home a stellar report card.

*  The principal at this school used to be Chicken’s 5th grade teacher.  Apparently, we are THAT family. The family with smart kids.  I know this because Squish’s teacher TOLD me we were THAT family.  I wonder if they look at me–hair like rabid squirrel, no make-up, the size of a Wal-Mart–and wonder where my children came from.

*  House is a pit.  Are we surprised?

*  Have started Dex and Kane’s story–and am pleased, because even though it’s still set at Johnnies, and there is sad, it’s still much happier than Chase’s story, and I LOVE Kane.  Kane isn’t that bright–in fact, he’s happy to be controlled by his dumb stick–but he’s got a soft, squishy heart.

*  If you were working on a project for a friend, and then she doesn’t need them rushed anymore, but you lost half of your pair of the same thing… is it bad if you keep the first pair and give her the second?  If you follow that, give me a holler… I’m trying to figure it out!

*  Yummy hot guys were on tonight.  Yes, I still love that show.  We’re not called fanatics for naught.

*  And that’s all.  I’m signing off.  *whew*  Have I mentioned it’s been a week?

0 thoughts on “Calling all headless chickens…”

  1. roxie says:

    Go ahead and keep the first pair. Give the second pair with a free heart and it will be even better.

    You thrive in chaos. Your dragon is feasting on the input and will soon be assaulting you with stories that need to be written. If you weren't in a constant swivet, you wouldn't know what to do with yourself.

    Have fun, fun,fun in NY!

  2. Galad says:

    Roxie nailed it – chaos is your medium. Just think how boring life will someday be without it 🙂

  3. angel flower says:

    WOW…busy busy busy lol But that's just the way life can be and I love reading your posts about all the chaos going on! It just wouldn't be the same without hearing all about the things that go on! I love hearing about the kiddies too!

    I also can not wait to read Dex and Kane's story!!
    Hope you do find a moment at least to breathe for a second lol

  4. Donna Lee says:

    Story after story is stewing in that pot….

    I'd keep the first pair and finish the other pair and then send them off. No one (but us) is the wiser.

    We were THAT family when my girls were in school. The girls were smart and talked like they were smart. Em's kindergarten teacher told me she used the word "facetious". She wasn't as surprised that she knew the word but that she used it correctly.

  5. GrillTech says:

    On the April 27 episode of "Yummy Hot Guys", they will have one of my favorite "Yummy Hot Geek Girls". So KnitTech and I will be able to share the show.. :>

  6. Ashlyn Kane says:

    If you're talking about my gloves, I can wait. March has decided it likes 60- and 70-degree weather. And I like March. For now.

    Re: Starships: Boo. Let me know if you need a Dean Winchester level alcoholism intervention, k?

  7. Its good to be that family known for being smart, because it sucks to be known for the other end of spectrum.

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