Challenge Accepted– well, a little

So, I’ll be honest.

I gave up with the GIANT CHRISTMAS KNITTING QUEUE about six years ago.

The people I love get knitwear when they ask for it, I’m always working on something and I’ll give it to them when I’m done.

But as this Christmas approached I had… urges. Unholy, unhealthy, inescapable urges.

I wanted to KNIT for people.

People I hadn’t knit for before. Or hadn’t knit for in a long time. Or just… people. *gestures vaguely* I’ll be honest–it might have been ZoomBoy asking me to knit the Infinity Mitten for him, but I have a BIG cache of patterns so it might have been building for a while.


This pattern– Incognito, found on Knitty-– is one of those things I wanted to knit for a friend. This one’s for a specific friend, but if I can overcome my aversion to duplicate stitch and sewing (and there’s a LOT of it in this pattern!) I may make a couple of them for other friends.

I don’t know what to tell you. The mustache… OMG the mustache.

Anyway… Blogging may possibly become a little spottier as this urge continues… but I promise to post pictures.

BTW? This mustache is called “Snidely”– there are two other types on the pattern– Buckaroo and Poirot.

I gotta tell you, knitting as a warm, squishy, hilarious joke is one of my favorite things 🙂

Also? Squish told me she wants one with an entire cartoon face on it. I told her she had to create the graph. I think she’s thinking about it.

So there you go.

The evil urges of knitting for Christmas.

May Goddess save my soul– preferably before 4 a.m. Christmas morning as I’m trying to crochet a doll and a complete set of clothes for it before the kids get up for Christmas.

Yes, I’ve done that before.

No, I don’t still have the dolls.

But I must tell you–  Big T’s doll looked so much like him as a kid, I put one of his old onesies on it. He loved it. It was adorable.


Yeah. I’mma need a wake up call. Hopefully when I’m done with the rest of these Incognito cowls…

Scuse me–I’m running away to knit.

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