Damned Car

My day was way more boring than it had to be.

Last time we had the car serviced, I said, “Hey–the battery died after I played music in the car for twenty minutes”

And the woman told me, “Well, you’re not supposed to do that. Batteries die.”

And I just gaped at her, because if that was true, there would have been no drive in movie industry. Yes, SOME of the cars needed jump starts, but if the entire goddamned movie theater couldn’t move at the end of a movie because people listened to the movie through their car radios, then nobody would have come back ever again.

But I was done that day–I have 0x0=i0 patience with car service people anyway. I frequently infuriate Mate by going to the Quick Change oil place–the place where you drive your car in, stay in the passenger seat, listen to music from your radio, and watch hot young men run around your car and check all the fluids. They bring your dogs doggie treats and they bring you coffee or juice or chocolate, and the service takes less than an hour, so THAT brings me joy.

In that case, we just decided we would replace the goddamned battery if it died again.

Mate bought me a juice box– a battery charger that you charge when your car is running.  Then when your car DIES you can jump start it from the juice box–it’s pretty ingenious. You can also charge your cell phone and a few other things from it, and generally, it goes down with water and an emergency blanket as  a handy thing to have.

But the car was still balking–WHAH-wha-wha-wha-WHA-wha-wha-wha whenever we started it, so I took it in today.

And they were running WAY behind, so Mate took me home, went to work, picked the kids up and then took me to go get the damned car.

In the meantime, I texted Mate, “Hey! Car guys called! Guess how much!”

He sends back, “$500”

“How did you know?”

“It doesn’t matter if we take it in to get the window’s washed, it costs $500.”

He’s right of course.

So, my day was boring, the dogs got no walkies, I got no pool, but the car got a new battery and that’s going to be that.

Okay, fine. I guess I could have walked the dogs around the neighborhood… but that’s the other thing.

I really did get some writing done!

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