Day After

My big kids don’t like to do anything on the DAY AFTER. Seriously– they make BIG plans to sit, play video games, eat leftovers, read, watch whateverthehelltheywant on television, whatever. Unfortunately, the little kids have made no such plans. Is it 48 degrees F. outside? Yeah– they want to go to the park! Yippee! The park!

Mama said no.

I’ve had this bizarre…(shakes hands, shrugs, makes weird gestures to unruly lower extremity) THING going on with my leg. See, the thing is, I had that plantar’s thing, the facsaeitis (Okay– YOU spell it!) for the early part of the week. I had no patience with it, right? I walked on it. It got BRUTAL. So I decided to rest it, and I spent, I dunno, all Tuesday, just letting that thing rest, knitting, whatever. You know… being a good little girl and resting with my afflicted foot up in the air.

And then a weird thing happened. We’re talking the world’s biggest fucking charlie horse, and it WON’T GO AWAY! Now before everyone gets upset about a DVT, my stepmom freaked out about it already, gave me the checklist, and the thing is, the back of my leg is CONSTANTLY stressed and bruised, and it doesn’t come and go like a DVT. I broke out the magic vibrating wand (get your mind out of the gutter–it’s supposed to work on your BACK–I SWEAR it’s not as dirty as it sounds!) and worked on my muscles, and it helped, but… it still just… just aches. I stand and stretch it and sit and put it down and stand and stretch it and NOTHING is comfortable–nothing except laying flat in bed, and, seriously, since that happens around ten o’clock at night, that doesn’t lend itself to doing ANYTHING productive.

I’ve never felt more like a multi-ton banana slug in my life.

But it did give me a chance to join a ‘chat’ which is fun– pretty much every writer in my genre on the planet showed up online and chatted to each other and left excerpts and stuff, and one of the things I learned via the chat is that Truth in the Dark is going to come out in audio book, and there’s just something so… so… so… ROCK-FUCKING-AWESOME about that. I can’t wait to hear someone read Naef and be all prickly and sarcastic, and grouchy. I’ve got a soft spot for that kind of character, and, well, someday you’ll know why this story means so much to me. But until then, just be happy for me–it’s totally cool, and this story is going to go on to move a whole bunch of people who would not have known it otherwise, and that makes me VERY happy.

And in the meantime? In the meantime I’m gonna go haul my multi-ton banana slug ass out into the 40 degree night and stretch my muscles in the cold cold air and try to pretend I’m not fat, flat-footed, and over forty. (Pretend with me, yes? Make me 25, lithe, and allergic to fatty foods… it’ll be fun!)


And I didn’t write a Thanksgiving post.

Don’t get me wrong–I’ve got a LOT to be Thankful for. I do. But you know them all by name, you’ve seen my birthday cards to them, you’ve heard their bizarre little stories and their quirks and their idiosyncrasies. Yesterday, I spent my time with my family, and in spite of a plethora of funky bullshit that I shan’t bother you with, I was deeply, warmly, eternally thankful. But I was also quietly thankful, and although my heart was overflowing, it was overflowing in peace. For a person who uses words with such joy, even I know that sometimes quietly thankful is the way to be.

Anyway– some book goodies here that I’m not so quiet about. Enjoy!

Michele’n’Jeff and Whipped Cream both liked Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost.

And Elisaliked Making Promisestoo.

0 thoughts on “Day After”

  1. Chris says:

    Sorry to hear that you're not feeling up to snuff!! *hug*

  2. roxie says:

    Um, maybe you should see a doctor? Pain is usually an indicator of something wrong. Sounds like a pinched nerve in the back, but what do I know?

    You're going to be an audio book? Squeeeee!!! Next, movie rights!! (Though I have heard that selling your book for a movie is a lot like giving your daughter to a pimp.) (Of course, if you gave Squish to a pimp, she have HIM out on the street, bringing all his pay to HER.)

    Get soon well. Know you are loved, admired, and deserving of all good things!

  3. I made it all the way to a LYS for Black Friday. Perky had to work six hours. So it balanced out.

    Hope you're better soon.

  4. Galad says:

    I'm with Roxie – that much pain can't be a good thing. Hoping for pain free days ahead.

    Awesome reviews and an audio book! That's great news 🙂

  5. Donna Lee says:

    I second the doctor thing. Don't be in pain if you don't have to be. (says the woman who took years to talk to the doctor about her arthritis)

    Audio books well and truly rock. You will reach a whole new audience!

    I spent Friday just like your big kids. In my sweats, eating, watching Dr. Who and knitting. It was glorious.

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