Deadlines and Shit

So, I didn’t do a blog tour for Stand by Your Manny which was probably a mistake, but seriously– life has just taken a bite out of my life, right?

And Mate, my wonderful supportive Mate, took the hint to turn off our usual TV fare because we both had stuff to do.
And then, while my back was turned, he pulled up Notting Hill.

And you know, the part where the roommate blows the smoke into his diving glasses is really hilarious.
And Mate has just such an awesome laugh– the kind of laugh that used to wake the kids up.
And… and…
Curse you Mate! I’m watching the movie when I should be writing dammit!

So anyway, I’m going to try to keep writing, okay?  In the meantime, don’t forget, Stand by Your Manny, the third in the Mannies series is out. 
And Romantic Times BookLovers Convention is in Reno–and I’m in a surprising number of events and signing books in the Giant Book Fair.
And Chase in Shadow is part of the Keith Milano Memorial Fund sale in May!
And Crocus, sequel to Bonfires just came out about two weeks ago.
So I’m going to try to ignore Notting Hill and maybe catch up with some writing and editing–and plan for BookLovers Convention in Reno–which is gonna be tremendous!
Hopefully see you there!

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