Dog’s Hate Christmas

It’s true. Dogs hate Christmas. I know my dogs are totally baffled. We went from walkies nearly every day to being ignored for most of the day. There is no sausage patty from McDonalds, strange shit has invaded our living room cage-match space, and at night, after the mandatory snuggling hour, there is this weird little ritual with wrapping paper and packages that has to wait until the kids go to sleep.


Dogs HATE Christmas.

And I don’t blame them. Today I took the kids to the mall (the MALL!) to go shopping, and we have to go back tomorrow because the line for Santa went kersplodey pretty much the minute we walked in. Next time, we’re getting there at nine, seeing Santa, and then going home. There may be walkies when we get home–we’ll have to see if it’s raining.

After the mall there was PetSmart, for new dog beds.  This wasn’t just a Christmas affectation– the old dog beds were pretty much flat to the ground from hard use (yes–the dogs slept HARD this year!)  and we also got a new cat box. (Are you thrilled with my day yet? Because there’s a nap coming that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!)

Anyway– home, nap, dinner, and then Mate and I dragged our sorry asses out of the house at seven at night to go grocery shopping for the candy making the next day.

It took us two hours, and when we got home we were cooked and done.

Or he was. I still had to finish the Christmas letter. And blog. And I’ve got 2K to finish tonight.

So, whew.

But, the good news is? Dog beds. Like I said. Not just a Christmas affectation. They adore their dog beds.

* * *

And hey! For those of you following the Little Goddess re-release–

Bound, Vol 2 is out today!

Which means that Quickening is one release closer to being out– huzzah!

Since this is the second half of the third book, I’m not going to post the whole synopsis here–but I am going to put the link for Vulnerable, the first book. Because that’s where it all began.

And also! Don’t forget that Winter Ball will be out Christmas Day– there’s a pre-sale discount at, but I think DSP is also having a sale too. Buy HERE for Amazon, and HERE FOR DSP. 

And enjoy your holidays– crazy pants confused animals and all!

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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    Reading about your busy day makes me feel like a sluggard.

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