Everything is Awesome!

*  The kids have mastered the art of couching– thank you Lego Movie for giving them the perfect way to do it!
*  The other night, an adult asked ZB a question he wasn’t expecting.  I could tell that his ADHD completely shorted out his response mechanism.  
“Did you completely go to the zoo, there kid?”  I asked kindly.
He smiled sweetly, and made a little exploding motion with his hand.  “Boom!” he said.
Yeah, it’s okay kid– it happens to everyone.
*  The kids have been watching Malcolm in the Middle.  I was listening, even when I was in the Dragon’s Cave, and I caught this gem:
“It’s not a lie if it would be true if the facts were different.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the cornerstone of our congress right now. Political moment over.

* Squish and I had the following conversation as I was blowing my nose:

Squish: Allergies?

Me: No, boogers.

Squish: Yeah, I get those.

* A short text convo about fanfic:

Julianne: Derek + Parish?

Me: Derish?

Julianne: Oh, it’s already a thing?

Me: I was taking a guess!

Julianne: *goes to look*

* Another short convo with Mate

Me: Emmanuelle Goes to Paris? The Secretary’s Obsession? Beach House Obsession? Holy Wow! What’s with all the soft core in the movie feed!

Mate: Welcome to Skin-e-Max.

Me: Really? Holy crap! No wonder 13 YO boys like cable!

* A short convo with the handsome very young single father of one of Squish’s bes friends.

Handsome Young Father: Is your older daughter here?

Me: No, she’s still in San Diego. Would you like to see some pictures?

HYF: Yeah! Oh, there she is. So, that guy who keeps showing up in all the pictures…is that her, uhm, boyfriend?

Me: No, that’s her brother.

FTR? Her brother thought that was HYSTERICAL!

* Oh yeah– I was interviewed HERE and showed up blogging HERE.

* Did I mention MACKEY’S ON PRE-SALE!!!

* And that I got Jury Duty in August. Now, last time, it was a 19 Yo who looked like Talker’s Brian, getting popped for his third pocket full of party drugs. He was about to go down on a technicality for most of his life. I oozed mom-pity so strongly the prosecution pretty much dismissed me without batting an eyelash. I was obviously not going to be objective. I really hope that kid got off. I, uhm, don’t anticipate that I’ll be serving particularly long for this one.

* And I was feeling lost because I’d finished my Christmas novella– ftr, I did 40,000 words in two weeks– that was pretty damned dragon ridden, right?
Well, I was inspired. The guy in the magnet is the proprietor of Candy Heaven– and I loved visiting it so much that I made it the center of my story. The story sort of just flew, and now I’m nervous as hell because I gave The Candy Man a rough draft of MY STORY, in case he wanted to change something. *chews nails* God, let it not suck.
* The kids are going to stay with mom this weekend while Mate and I go to San Francisco so Mate can run the half marathon. Everybody wish Mate luck–I know he’s been really busy with soccer registration and filling in for the boss man at work, so I’m rooting for a perfect day to run. He deserves a good one!

0 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome!”

  1. Unknown says:

    Sending up a prayer to the Weather Gods that the weather be absolutely perfect for Mate to run the PERFECT half-marathon, and that you have a perfect place to observe and be ideal support!

  2. Good luck Mate! And I've got jury duty next month as well.

  3. Kim Fielding says:

    Last time I was in Candy Heaven, the owner gave a tweenish boy one of those bug candies and dared him to eat it. Poor kid wouldn't back down in front of his pals.

    He also gave my 11-year-old a candy necklace. She might have eaten the bug, actually.

    Best of luck with the run!

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