Filking Therapy

Thanks all, for your kind words… someday, I will have a thicker skin and a healthier outlook on this ‘critics who have the right to be rabid badgers’ sort of thing, sweartadog, but in the meantime, it’s wonderful to know I’ve got friends.

In the meantime, I did a little filking on KTT (one safe place in for me) and I thought you’d enjoy–mostly because it’s true:-)

Ode to My Work In Progress

Critics spit their venom and trolls rip my site to strips,
But I don’t mind because I find solace in my WIP.
Sales they might falter, and colleagues may get flip,
But I am blind because my mind is immersed deeply in my WIP.

My WIP comes with me to shower, it comes with me to drive
Without that portable other world, I wouldn’t know I’m alive.
My past works have their pitfalls, my past works have their flaws,
But my WIP is always perfect, without any blemishes at all.

Mean people hurt my feelings, mistaking vitriol for quips
My house is falling into disrepair, my sink and showers drip
But these things are really nothing–on my radar, barely blips!
The nastiness rolls off my back, because I have my WIP.

Cory is all kicking azz, Bracken guards her in her sleep.
Teague denies he’s hurt inside, while Jacky (for Teague!) weeps.
Declan yearns in private and Deacon is just tough
While Green’s beloved of everyone–it NEVER is enough.

The people who share my brain-pan are oh so real to me,
My greatest bliss is when I know others see what I do see.
So if you do not get my work, and you must carp on me to be,
Know I will not see you ’cause I’m in my ‘dubbayu’ eye pea!

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  1. roxie says:

    Yayyy for the WIP ans yay for you! Rock on, Amy.

  2. One would think four years of high school would thicken one's skin plenty. (Since you teach at high school, shouldn't you be there?)

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