For the record…

Taking a picture of your own arm tattoo doesn’t really work–

But that’s what teenage sons are for!

And other than that?

Well, yesterday was a day of all good things that I wasn’t expecting. Wanna hear?

Let’s see– good thing the first? I’ve booked a speaking engagement at the local library! Monday, May 18th, I will be giving an author talk on the differences between PNR and UCF, and how the female PNR hero fits into the romantic archetype. (That last one will be tricky, since I have yet to phrase it right myself–but I figured that if I had to put it into words for a talk, I’d get it good and articulated before I stood up there, right?)

I will also have some books with me.

Of course, Mate asked me “Who will be there to hear you speak?” and I said, “You!”

He said, “Besides me?”

I said, “I’m pretty sure it will only be you, but you can tell me what a good speech it was, and I’ll feel good about myself.”

He says it sounds like a plan.

Good thing the second?

My iPod is here! Oh yes it is, and it is BEE-YOO-TI-FUL! Did you know that iPod has a genius feature? So that if you have a favorite song and you want a playlist to match, you click the favorite song and iPod will PRODUCE A PLAYLIST? It’s magic. I know it is. Someone will tell you it’s math–don’t believe them. It’s magic. Swear. Totally.

Good thing the third?

MY BOOKS GOT HERE!!! Which means some of you will be expecting packages in the very near future! *hee hee hee hee* I actually plan to send them out tomorrow, since I have it off! (I don’t know why I have tomorrow off– as near as I can tell, the administration is sacrificing a random freshman on the roof of the admin building and they don’t want witnesses. If you’ve got a better theory, send it my way, will you?)

Good thing the fourth?

Well, a few weeks ago, a very nice lady from the forums e-mailed me because her books weren’t selling they way she had hoped, and she thought she should give the whole thing up. I answered her e-mail (because I’d want mine answered, right?) and we were very cordial on the forums and last night, she asked if she could put me in the dedication for her next book–which will probably be published with a traditional press and not an indie pub! I was so honored–wasn’t that sweet?

And good thing the fifth?

I managed to get my tattoo pix–didja notice? And that lovely (bright!) scarf in the corner of the picture is Donna Lee’s wonderful handspun, handknit gift, and if it looks like it’s been worn soft–IT HAS! I love it Donna lee– thanks again!

Now I have to go read books to short people, give baths and be perfectly settled for nine-o-clock tonight when the world stops and holds it’s breath. (I’ll give you three guesses why. You’ll only need one. Knittech, we may just have a whole new crop of youtube vids to cull through–and isn’t that a hardship?)


0 thoughts on “For the record…”

  1. Louiz says:

    Like the makeover, love the tattoo.

    And I would do the happy dance for you but I think I’d get some odd looks from my colleagues who already think I’m a bit odd… so just pretend:)

  2. Tanner says:

    Most excellent tattoo, and I like the meaning behind it too. Congrats on all the good things happening your way. The book dedication is really nice.

    c’ya round
    (the elf)

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I for one, might want to stick around and watch the freshman being sacrificed…..
    The tat is gorgeous and I am so glad the scarf is in a loving home. Handknits want to be loved like everyone else.

    Good luck with the speech. I can’t speak in front of people. I turn all colors of red and my heart beats so loud I can’t hear myself talk.

  4. Galad says:

    An all good things blog AND it’s Friday – awesome!

    The tat looks great – thank teenage son for his photographic skills.

    You should have Mate tape your talk and put it on YouTube for us 🙂

  5. Nice ink! And Galad’s right, you should post your talk.

  6. NeedleTart says:

    Oooohhh!! youtube the talk, most definitely!
    *sings softly* I’m gonna get a pack-age la la la la

  7. Bells says:

    Very nice Tat! Sean looked over my shoulder and said he thought it was great.

    I am yet to work out the genius function. You make it sound better than I thought it was (as in, I really had no idea).

  8. roxie says:

    You have the FULLEST life! Bravo on the speaking engagement. U-Tube! U-Tube! U-Tube!

    Wunnerful tats! So artistic.

    (Sings) I’m gonna get a bo-ok. I’m gonna get a bo-ok!

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