Geoffie in a TuTu

So, three things.

One–When Geoffie rolled around in the deer poop we had to throw away her sweater with the hood for green poopie reasons.

Two–I spent today in the car with my friend Karen, showing her the wonder that is my hometown. She’s scouted here before so she knows some of it better than I do, but we had fun, went from Roseville to Folsom to Downtown and back again–and I even showed her some nifty things that she hadn’t been aware of, and that may come in handy when she’s writing her next fabulous mystery/suspense novel.

Three–I got home a little tired, and I’m up against a deadline, so I’m afraid no Hiding the Moon tonight, BUT, I promise some tomorrow, AND, in the meantime, I came home to
Geoffie in a tutu.

I mean, look at those pictures.

They get their own blogpost, right?

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