Gotta crawl, gotta crawl…

I was sitting here, answering a friend’s e-mail, when suddenly my strong, beautiful, Chicken hauls off and whacks my shoulder with all of her considerable strength.

“What in the FUCK?”

“It was the world’s ugliest bug, mom! I had to kill it!”

Now neither of us are usually the squeally girl type, but suddenly, she starts squealing and then the two short people start squealing and I’m screaming over them, “What? What is it? what’s wrong?”

“OMIGOD! Mom, it’s dead, ugly and STILL TWITCHING!”

Squish is doing the oogie dance times three and I’m ripping my sweatshirt off in the middle of the kitchen and whapping it on the ground and finally I get a good look at it.

“There’s no bug here–where the hell was the ugly bug?”

“I don’t know–I could swear it was on your shirt!”

“The only thing here is a smudge!”

“Well, it was still alive–maybe it flew off!”

“Princess, if you’re going to haul off and whack me, the least you could do was KILL THAT FUCKING BUG!”

“Aw, gees, mom. I barely tapped you.” She walked off muttering in disgust–and the little kids started looking at dust bunnies and screaming about bugs, and I thought sadly that they have ALL THIS WEEK OFF and I’ll be lucky if I can write a complete sentence until next Monday…

“Still twitching!” *chokesnort*

And other than that?

Not much to report, really… I’m about a dragon’s pointy whisker away from finishing Living Promises–and hence the radio silence yesterday and today as I totally committed myself to that. That, and I’ve been asked to do some editing stuff, and that’s sort of an honor and a lot of fun! *Whee!* But I’m, well, working! I know I know, for someone who sits on her ass all day, that sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true!

And to commemorate all this real work I’m doing, Mate and I invested in two office chairs–one for him and one for me–because the kitchen chair that was in front of his computer DISINTEGRATED and the one I was using was, well, let’s say it was just ridden hard, right?

Anyway, Chicken and I had fun in the store, pushing the chairs around (Whee!) and trying to figure out what made the $40 chair different from the $350 dollar chair (a whole helluva lot, actually!) Anyway, it was fun, we bought real office chairs, and now, I’ve got an office supply box, some folders to keep my shit separated, and, well, a kitchen table that’s still a mess, but it’s at least organized chaos now.

Go me!

And now, off to ride the dragon– but I’ll leave you with this, because it’s adorable…

0 thoughts on “Gotta crawl, gotta crawl…”

  1. roxie says:

    What a merry earworm! Thanks, dzrlin'!

    Hooray for real office stuff!!

    Warn Chicken: Somewhere in the dark crannies of your house, the Grendel bug is recuperating and plotting hideous revenge.

  2. The bugs are plotting Chicken's demise, they do that when one is left alive. She'd better wack you harder next time.

  3. Chris says:

    That bug's gonna crawl up someone's nose in the middle of the night…

  4. DecRainK says:

    woohoo for the office stuff! I am such a geek, I spaz out whenever I see anything that is school/office/organizational related.

    Yay for finishing Living Promises. :0)

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