Grown-Up Stories

So, on Twitter the other day, someone asked us tell the most On Brand (TM) story from their childhood years.

Mine was about being a latchkey kid. I would come home, gather my stuffed animals into a semi-circle, and tell them a story, then quiz them about the parts in the middle.

And you can make of that what you will.

But something just happened that I think is pretty on-brand for me as an adult, and I thought I’d share.

We get pest control because if I had to knock down my own wasp nests we’d all be trapped inside by hordes of the flying menaces, and that is the truth.

Tonight–and ugh, it was super hot on my porch–a guy representing another company came knocking on my door.

“Hi, I’m from Mosquito Hawk-X pest control–oh, hi little dog. Aren’t you a cute puppy.”

“She’s full grown.”

“Well I’m in the area, making appointments–do you have Pest Control?”

“Yes, we do–we use Golden Hills.”

“Oh! Do you know Dave?”

“Tall, goofy kind of guy? Loves to talk? Yeah! I love Dave! I haven’t seen him with Golden Hill lately–“

“That’s because he’s working for us now. If you hired us instead of Gold Hills, you could visit with Dave!”

I almost did it. I mean, he almost had me.  Because Dave and I had a lot of fun together!  He’s great! Talks about everything! Fun guy!

But frankly, I’m barely organized enough to have Golden Hills come to my house. I mean, I like them. They know me.

But gees, I miss Dave.

In the end I said no–but when I told Mate, he thought it was pretty funny.

He doesn’t even know our pest control guys have names.

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