Honeymoon is over…

A few of you know that this situation is depressing me. I’m trying to develop some thicker skin, but, well, see for yourself. She’d make that rock thing from Marvel feel like a baby bunny.

And in other news? My fourth period–loud, crappy grades, happy–you know, my favorite sort of class? I’ve been promised that tomorrow, they shall be bye bye. And in their place, a first period class. My first of such a time period in several years. DUDES, I don’t even think I KNOW how to be up that early–but I have to be tomorrow! It was funny, though–I was late today, and fortunately they hadn’t moved the first period class into the time slot yet. Curmudgeonly Colleague was giving me crap for being late, and I (jokingly, of course) accused him of making up the whole schedule change in order to watch me freak the fuck out.

“No,” he said, “but it would be damned funny.”

He also insists that just because the only parts he’s ever read in my books are the dirty parts doesn’t mean he’s only reading the book for the porn. He says those are the only parts he’s been SHOWN. I’m not seeing the difference. (Some of this refusal to see the difference may be because he said I was 43 instead of 41. Only my offended vanity knows for sure.)

The Cave Troll started school on Monday–along with the big kids. The big kids are happy. And tired. The Cave Troll? It’s just like last year. “How was school, big guy?” “Would you stop asking me that?” But his teachers love him–apparently they haven’t seen his attention ZOOM just when they need it the most!

Ladybug has been short on sleep and long on stimulation. Let’s just say it’s interfering with her usual cuteness, but she really DOES steal your heart when she dances. (She does that graceful thing with her fingers…breaks my heart! Chicken KNEW how to do it–but she never had the confidence to pull it off. Soccer really is her home.)

Big T has never been so happy. The Junior year is a good one!

Knittech and I both agree that the people who put out this trailer are complete fuckers because it just makes us want MORE! I mean, c’mon– tasty veal starts the apocalypse and just disappears for two months. So. Not. Fair. (In their defense, there is an 8 minute trailer on youtube that is going to have my complete attention after the short people are in bed.)

And I’ve renamed my new pre- Jack & Teague WIP “Promise Rock”–and it’s breaking my heart. Also (and this can never be said enough) Roxie liked my BO-OK, Roxie liked my BO-OK. I’m thinking Rampant may be okay… I’ll still worry myself silly, but I’m thinking we may be okay.

Oh yeah… one more thing.

I dyed my hair rabid cranberry red. I screwed it up-you can still see my orange/brown/gray roots. And the back didn’t suck up ANY dye at all. It’s all dark brown. I guess we’ll have to just go with “I look like a moron” and hope I can find a bottle of dye to match the last one and fix this shit, or I’ll be known as “That crazy teacher wearing the paper bag!” OI!

And as a finale?

I cashed my check from Dreamspinner Press today. Hey… the news can’t be ALL bad!

0 thoughts on “Honeymoon is over…”

  1. Louiz says:

    Boo on bad reviews of a personal nature, boo on getting up too early. Yay on cheques, we all like them:)

  2. w00t!! A paycheck!! How awesome is that?! And another good thing? September is NEXT-fucking-WEEK….

    I quit dying my hair and decided people can think I'm old all they want. (50% grey, started turning at 25.)

  3. roxie says:

    First off, the critic: The fact that she has her head up her ass might have something to do with her shitty outlook. You got two great reviews appended to her snotrag, so the damage is cancelled. I bet she's someone who feels it's her duty to be negative. Glad I don't live in her world.

    Second, the schedule change. Sucks. Bummer. But, being who you are, you will make a pie out of this bowlful of lemons. You always do. The bitching about it does not negate the eventual results.

    Third: Paycheck! Wahoo! Amy's buyin' drinks!

    fourth: Rampant was my favorite book so far! I started reading it on Thursday and don't remember much about the weekend till I finished it on Monday night. I was wallowing in the Cory-verse. More! I'm completely hooked, you pusher!

    Cranberry red? snerk!

    Big K is still processing the new school input. Response to follow.

    Ladybug dancing? Oh, break my heart! I may have to build a costume or two.

  4. Donna Lee says:

    Boy, that review would take the wind out of anyone's sails. I hope the fact that Roxie likes the book makes up for it (or at least some of it).

  5. Galad says:

    Hope you don't let one nasty reviewer keep you down for long!

    Paychecks are awesome, particularly when they are for something you love doing 🙂

    We need pictures of Ladybug dancing – she has to be too cute.

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