I was… well trying to, you know…

This is me, last night.  Writing, a scene in which my lovers, Hake and Leif, have a sad, painful fight that tests their relationship and reveals more about their vulnerabilities and insecurities than they ever thought possible.  Aaaaaandddd I’m also checking twitter every now and then for updates.

Hm… Rhys just posted a video… okay, I could use a break… and suddenly I’m here:

Gee, Rhys, that’s pretty cool!

You like that?  I’ve got more to show you!

No, no– I’m trying to write Urban Norse Mythology–pretty Korean pop stars aren’t going to do it!

But some of these guys are Japanese!

And I laugh, and I’m tempted, and last year this would NOT have been my thing, so, I tag Elizabeth, who sort of turned me on to Korean pop last year, in order to blame her for making me vulnerable to this time suck and suddenly Elizabeth takes me here…

And here:

And, yes… here!

And I try to write beyond this, because it’s pretty, but it’s NOT Norse Urban Mythology, and in the meantime, Big T has gone to bed, because it was eleven thirty at night, and Mary texts me, and asks me what I’m doing.  And I tell her I’m turning down Rebel Without a Cause so I can write, and then we’re talking about James Dean and Sal Mineo, and how one was bi and the other was gay, and suddenly I’m here:

And Mary starts talking about if I think THEY’RE hot, I should check out Montgomery Clift, and suddenly I’m here:
And OMG–he’s HOT!  But he’s NOT Norse Urban Mythology, and in the meantime, Rhys has tagged me on Twitter with some more of this:
Which is pretty, and inventive, but I’m TRYING to give Leif some motivation here for being an assclown, and now Elizabeth has told me that I should check out a little bit of this: 

And YES they’re pretty, but Hake is trying to explain that he’s not going anywhere, and I’m telling M ary that the pretty Korean boys are pretty and Mary is telling me that I should write pretty Korean boys for Elizabeth …

But… but.. but… but…


*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*  *pant*

“So,” texts Mary, (who is probably laughing her ass off), “Who’s fighting?”
“Hake and Leif,” I tell her.
“How’s that going?”
“Wanna see?”
“Yeah.  Gimme a minute.”
And I finish it.
“How’s that?”  I ask.
“Not bad.  But now I need the resolution.”

And I’m writing again, and the pretty Korean boys are forgotten, and suddenly it’s 1:30 in the morning.

So yes–if used carefully, the internet CAN be a source of motivation and inspiration, but it’s good to be careful, because I gotta tell you, Zoomboy had a 9:00 a.m. indoor soccer game this morning (they tied!) and right now?  My consciousness is ALL about this: 

0 thoughts on “I was… well trying to, you know…”

  1. DecRainK says:

    LoL awesome pics! I dont have to be distracted by others for me to go from here to there…. My mind does it automatically for me! But I really do love the pics and videos that were shared, thanks :0)

  2. Rhys Ford says:

    Do I need to remind you about the pretty Korean boys? They should not be forgotten. :::Grins:::

  3. Donna Lee says:

    thank goodness for friends or we all might just work all the time!

  4. roxie says:

    I love you! Your mind is a super-elastic pinball ricocheting through the ether!

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