*  First thing on Itinerary– Post blurb for Immortal!

When Teyth was but a child, a cruel prince took over his village, building a great granite tower to rule over the folk. Greedy and capricious, the man will be the bane of Teyth’s existence as an adult, but as a boy, Teyth is too busy escaping his stepfather to worry about his ruler. 

Sold into apprenticeship to the local blacksmith, Teyth finds that what was meant as a punishment is actually his salvation. Cairsten, the smith, and Diarmuid, his adopted son, are kind, and the smithy is the prosperous heart of a thriving village. As Teyth grows in the craft of metalwork, he also grows in love for Diarmuid, the gentle, clever young man who introduces him to smithing. 

Their prince wants Diarmuid too. As the tyrant inflicts loss upon loss on Teyth and Diarmuid, Teyth’s passion for his craft twists into obsession. By the time Teyth resurfaces from his quest to create immortality, he’s nearly lost the love that makes being human worth the pain. Teyth was born to sculpt his emotion into metal, and Diarmuid was born to lead. Together, can they keep their village safe and sustain the love that will make them immortal?

Okay– that’s done… now, on to the rest of the itinerary…

* Call credit card company

* Check on artwork for new logo
*  Order swag depending on artwork
*  Find some decent shoes because nothing I own is working
*  Plan to shop for accessories in May, before the 11th.
*  Remember to promote  Food for Thought which is out today!!

*  Pick up kids in 40 minutes. 
*  Go to the bathroom. No, now. NOW, DAMMIT, YOU’VE HAD TO GO FOR TWENTY MINUTES! 
* Do laundry on the way back.
*  Mental note: We need laundry soap.
*  Other mental note: We also need shampoo and conditioner
*  Mental side note: What are we having for dinner tonight?
*  Back to itinerary.  Put away vegetable delivery.  
*  Address mental side note:  Apparently we are having something with vegetables. Thug kitchen here we come.
* Look around house and boggle at family’s ability to just drop shit anywhere.
*  Remember there is a blog and we were doing something.
*  Was it writing Quickening?  No– that’s tonight.
*  Was it editing Bitter Taffy?  Oh hell– I have an edit on my desk top. Oh my God– when the fuck was the deadline?
*  *takes deep breaths*  Remembers the deadline was the 12th. Four more days.  We got this.
*  What were we doing again?
*  Oh yeah!  Cover reveal!  Does everyone like my cover for Immortal?  And the blurb?  It’s out on May 8th.  *cries*  I want you all to love this story as much as I do.  Is there room for that on my itinerary? Where would it go? Under shampoo? Before laundry?  *shakes interwebs*  WHERE DOES THAT GO ON MY LIST?
* *calms down*   *takes deep breath*  *looks at clock and panics because Children must be picked up in TEN MINUTES now that blog is done*  
*  Wishes everyone a good day!  (It’s pretty, isn’t it?  Immortal? So pretty… we loves this book… we do… all mine.  Shampoo, laundry, this book… mine… precious….)  
*  (Doesn’t everybody list psychotic breaks in their to-do lists?  I know it saves stress if I just budget for mine at the beginning.)

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  1. Unknown says:

    You. Got. This. Oh yes, – beautiful COMFORTABLE shoes….did I mention the comfortable part? So wished you were just up the road – kidnapping you for an outlet mall shoe-shopping spree would be so much better! And I DO wish that scheduling the mental breaks were easy. Maybe I could fit that around the therapy sessions and late-night chocolate runs!

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