Kermit Flail–WOOHOO! October!




Gotta say–enthusiasm is a little rough these days, but totally worth it. We have a modest but fantastic selection on Kermit Flail, starting with Fierce & Proud, an anthology set in Ireland, written by Irish LGBT authors. I am delighted to know it’s out there–and proud to recommend it to you!

Then, Tara Lain, the queen of the squishy, the sweet, the funny and delicious, graces us with both a new release and a rerelease. The new release looks to be a retelling of Hansel and Gretel, with a few sweet twists, and the re-release is her highly popular Knight of Ocean Avenue–so good things all around there!

Next, we’ve got Parker Williams, our self-proclaimed King of angst, giving us Waiting On Life. Parker has a deft touch at twisting the knife in your heart, so those of you who love angst? This book should make you very happy.

And finally we’ve got All the Rules of Heaven, which, technically, is coming out in Kindle format on November 3rd, but it’s the scariest, creepiest, Halloweeniest thing I’ve ever written. This one will be released in Mass Market in February, and… guys. I love this book so much–but I sat on it for nearly four years. 

It just didn’t fit in with contemporary romance, and I was working on the Familiar series, and angels and ghosts don’t sell. I hear that all the time.

But I loved this story so hard. 

*sigh* I’m pretty sure it will be like my other prettiest children–shoved in a corner and forgotten by all but a very few, but oh! It shouldn’t be. For one thing, I want to write the sequel. A LOT. For another, Tucker and Angel are an interesting paranormal investigative team and their dynamic is… well, interesting. I’m not sure you’ve seen anything like it. 

Which makes ME very happy.

So there you go–the great, the fantastic, the delicious and the “interesting”–but we made it til October, so WOOHOO!!!

Fierce & Proud

By Various Authors

Cupán Fae is the caffeine-filled home away from home for writers in Ireland.In Fierce & Proud, eight writers tell tales of LGBT lives and loves, telling quare queer stories in a way unique to the Irish, crossing genres and exploring the world through many lenses.

Holding Hans

By Tara Lain



How much evil can you cook up in one small town?

When your father gets wonky, marries a weird woman, and runs off to Europe, leaving you and your twin holding the bag for the bills, what else can you do but –

Sleep a night in the forest,

Follow a trail of pebbles to a strange mansion,

And succumb to the attraction of cinnamon rolls, the world’s most beautiful piano, and Madame, the strange woman who gives you your dreams for next to nothing.

But fairy tales teach one lesson ––when things are too good to be true – run!

Hans Meyer finds that out the hard way, when he wakes up tied to a bed in the dark. Even Rune, the cute guy who buys him root beer floats, isn’t who he seems.

Can piano power, twin power, and a healthy dose of love power overcome the darkness and finally make Hans happy in Ever After?

HOLDING HANS is a coming-of-age, hidden identity, dysfunctional family, fairy-tale-retelling, contemporary fantasy romance – with really good food.


October is Fall in Love in Laguna Again Month—


Knight of Ocean Avenue


Re-Releases October 8th. Preorder now. The book is unchanged from the original except for the cover.



What if I’m always kidding myself?

Billy Ballew wants to be married, but he’s been engaged to three women and can’t get to the altar.

He wants to be a contractor, but he’s so dyslexic he has to force himself to read and fears the contractor’s license test more than death.

He wants to please his mother, but all she wants is for him to give her grandchildren.

What Billy doesn’t want is to find out he’s gay.

But then he meets Shaz, the one guy so flamboyant Billy can’t even be seen with him without losing all his friends – and his family. One more thing Billy wants and can’t have.

Maybe he should just stay home with his cats.

KNIGHT OF OCEAN AVENUE is a gay awakening, total opposites attract, trying to please your mother, religious confrontation, learning who you are romance.


Waiting on Life

by Parker Williams

Big, bald, tattooed, and more than a little possessive, Toby Tomlinson wasn’t what you’d call a “lady’s man.” In fact, he usually got too serious before they were ready. One day, upon returning home from work, Toby finds a young woman kneeling to pick up mail she’d dropped. Taken with her red hair and slender body, he says hello as he grabs his own mail. The woman jumps and bangs her head against the open door, then lets loose with a string of expletives. She turns around, and Toby discovers the person he’s been ogling isn’t a woman at all… but a man.

Kyle Roga’s heard it all before. High school was filled with taunting by classmates who could tell Kyle was far too fabulous to be straight. And now, here he was, being pawed at by a man who stole Kyle’s breath away. He ticked every box Kyle had, and a few he didn’t even know he wanted ticked. The problem? Kyle’s been burned before by straight men who think you’re good enough for sex, but not for a relationship. He’s been bitten way more than once, and he doesn’t want to go down that path again.

Two men, each with a different way of looking at love, find themselves having to reexamine what they always believed about who they are. Will it be enough to bring them together? Will each discover what they’ve been doing isn’t living, but waiting on life?

Now Available:

Safe Heart

by Amy Lane

Search and Rescue: Book Three

Five months ago boy-band lead singer Cash Harper left Glen Echo in a hospital in Jalisco… and broke his heart.

Glen’s heart is the only home Cash has ever known. He’s spent the past five months trying to find his friend Brielle and make sense of his own instincts. Now he’s ready to be a real partner and lover to Glen—but first they have to finish their original mission.

Glen is ready for Cash to walk through his door needing help, but he is absolutely determined not to let him back into his heart. Men don’t run. Cash did. End of story.

Rescuing Brielle will take the full talents of Glen’s search and rescue company, and that means Cash needs to re-earn the team’s trust. Between Bond-villain traps, snakes that shouldn’t be there, and bad guys with guns, they all have plenty to negotiate. If Cash can prove he can stay the course and that he deserves Glen’s faith, they might survive this op whole and ready to love.

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All the Rules of Heaven

by Amy Lane

When Tucker Henderson inherits Daisy Place, he’s pretty sure it’s not a windfall—everything in his life has come with strings attached. He’s prepared to do his bit to satisfy the supernatural forces in the old house, but he refuses to be all sweetness and light about it. 

Angel was sort of hoping for sweetness and light. 

Trapped at Daisy Place for over fifty years, Angel hasn’t always been kind to the humans who have helped him in his duty of guiding spirits to the beyond. When Tucker shows up, Angel vows to be more accommodating, but Tucker’s layers of cynicism and apparent selfishness don’t make it easy. Can Tucker work with a gender-bending, shape-shifting irritant, and can Angel retain his divine intentions when his heart proves all too human?

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