Knitting Saves the World!

Not much to talk about today–it’s been mostly in my head.

Seriously–Mondays are pretty busy. Drop Squish off, take dogs for a walk, work/communicate for a few hours, go to aqua, get lunch, pick kids up.  Today we stopped at Staples on the way home, just for a change of pace, and then home, work, a quick nap, make dinner, and, hey, today was a luxury, Mate got home to watch TV!

But I did have a friend ask me to make her niece a chemo cap–and that was fun, because yarn, but also because specialized yarn, something really soft, and hopefully machine washable, and perfect for a little girl.

I’m going to use the excuse to go shopping with Babetta–yay!

And another friend asked me about cables, and I got to send her one of my favorite patterns.

So, seriously. Would have been the most boring day–but knitting!

I’d say who knew, but, let’s face it–I’ve been saying it for years 😉

Oh– and we also got to see what a 5 lb. bar of chocolate looked like. ZoomBoy was so excited he put the outside wrapper on his wall.

And I had the following texting conversation with someone who shall remain nameless:

Nameless: I’m sick. I think my cat gave me worms.

Me: I don’t think you can get worms from your cat.

Nameless: I can too.

Me: No, I really don’t think it’s that easy. *looks up internet true fax*

Nameless: I’ve been sick for a month.

Me: No– look. It says it’s really hard. Unless you’ve been rimming your cat while you sleep, I think your allergies just turned into walking pneumonia!

Nameless: Well, that could have happened too.


Nameless: Fine. They at least can tell me if it’s worms.

And that’s all, folks!

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