So, we left the kids with  Chicken and went to my cousin’s wedding in Medford–it was lovely.
Medford is a long drive though–and I’m knackered, so I’ll leave you with some pictures and some captions and take my achy body off to bed!
Mount Shasta, which plays with your perception as you come down the hill from Oregon.
An attempt to get more mountains on film, which ended badly–except the rainbow was very pretty and I liked it. 
Medford is part of Gold  Country (it has it’s own Pony Express statue, like Sacramento) and Yreka is too. 
Kevin and Kailey, the happy couple getting married.
Of course I looked for a yarn store on Saturday before the wedding and bought this.
It was not, however, the only thing I could have bought.
A shot of the B&B where the wedding was held. 
The Willows–it was lovely.
I did not get a picture of my Aunt Monica, who is the mother of the groom, because I’m an idiot, but this is my Uncle Phil, his sister (in the middle), Teresa, and his wife (on the right) Barbara. Phil and Barbara are the very nice people who gave Big T a job–they have nothing but good things to say about him, and Mate and I delight in breaking the bad news that he has flaws.

So far, they refuse to believe. 

Middle-aged people attempting to be romantic. Sorta works. The man is very handsome and indulges his often silly wife.
We ate here this morning, because wouldn’t YOU?
Mate was trying to capture the mountain’s height on the sign with the mountain itself. 14, 161 feet. So, a mountain, really.
Yup. Still a mountain.
A lake named after the mountain, which is in fact further away (I think) than another mountain of equal size.  I don’t understand either. But Lake Shasta is where I set Rampant, for those of you who are Little Goddess fans. 

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