Mystery Kitty

So, I was supposed to take Newt-Dewey the Magnificent Gray Floof to the vets today–but I left the back door open and Dewey ended up having a very different day than I had planned, something involving MI6 agents and saving the world, I assume, but he could have just been plotting the downfall of the Republican party. We’ll have to hope for the best–I’m pretty sure he’s on the side of the angels, but, you know–he does kill lizards.

In fact, that’s par for the course with this cat.

Technically, he’s ZoomBoy’s–and ZB takes his pet ownership very seriously– he comes to the vet’s appointments and feeds Dewey and mocks him during the unanticipated great famines that last an entire two hours while the cat pines away and starves.

You can see he’s pined away and starved quite a bit in the last year. He’s a whisper of a full grown kitty.  Poor waif. Fourteen pounds is practically wasting away.

Mate brought me this picture–he’d been playing Destiny, and was apparently baffled by Newt-Dewey’s ability to just stretch out and cover half the bed.

“Yeah,” I said, boggled. “Apparently the vet thinks he’s Maine Coon Cat.”

“But… but don’t they get bigger than that?”

“Well, you know. They don’t stop growing until they’re four years old.”

Mate looked a little horrified. “Good God.”

“Yeah–he could be a monster by then. And it could explain… you know…”

“The eating thing.”

“Yeah, that.”

This cat catches and kills lizards. Of course, ZoomBoy thinks the cat judges them to death, but it doesn’t change that he is actually capable of useful cat behavior.

And a great deal of superiority.

And eating us, holy God, out of house and home.

But this picture right here–stretching out and owning the furniture and having zero fucks to give about it?

This is the hallmark of our favorite kitties right here.

I look forward to posting many pictures of this cat to come.

I also have to remember to buy food tomorrow. Another Great Famine is not to be borne.

* * * A lot of you folks are traveling to GRL in the next few days.  Enjoy yourselves and safe travels–and never doubt, I miss you all.

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