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The worst part about being sick as that you don’t DO ANYTHING…I mean, I’ve been knitting, but one of the things I’m knitting I’m so embarrassed about…

It’s hard to explain. My TA (and I make my TA’s something every year) wanted fingerless mitts…and she wanted them lacy…and she wanted this one colorway I offered…and the result is…

quite horrible, actually. The lace is lost in the frantic color…but the separate elements are quite nice…the LACE looks good. The COLORWAY looks good. Together, it’s like eating fish and chocolate…you just can’t figure out why someone would put those things together.

I’m also making socks…I don’t want to talk about those, although they’re looking pretty good for a colorway I personally am not all chipper about but most other people have been complimenting a LOT. (I got a lot of work done on these socks in the doc’s office–I may finish them in two weeks after all…)

Chicken stayed the night at her grandma’s last night–this is kind of fun, actually. Chicken, who is a social outcast in her own school, and her cousin (well, my step-sister’s son) Natters who is a social outcast in his own school, are both terrific card sharps, and they like to play with my grandma Flossie. Every now and then my mom arranges them to have a card night together–last night was the night.
We ate dinner at mom and dads (mmmmmmmm….) and I think they were a little surprised to watch my nighly fever set in…I visibly wilted, went into the living room, and sank into that 102 fever state where nothings quite real and everything is sort of pewter colored. They tend not to believe that sick people are really sick (A collective 60 years in the medical profession, I think) and I think they were kind of worried. Well, I guess so are we, so that’s only to be expected.

Other than that and a trip to see Shrek 3 (too serious by half…) and a meeting with my crazy high school friend’s…oh wait…yeah…that needs explaining.

Did any of you have a high school stalker? Anybody? I did, but I didn’t really know it, and he was a sweet kind of kid, so it was no big deal. We went to the prom and stayed just friends. He was relieved to see I got really fat at our 10th year reunion–that sort of thing.

Well, my Crazy Friend (the one with the Las Vegas Hooker Shawl) had a high school stalker that she swore she’d never date, never in a million years. She hated him. She thought everything evil in her life spawned from him, and that he, in turn was the spawn of the unholy one.

Now flash forward 22 years, and she’s been sleeping with him for two weeks, and, in her words, “He’s not that bad.”

And after years of enduring rants at how awful he was, I have no words for her, none at all. Anyway, we got to meet him when we brought the whole famn damily to see the mamn dovie. He didn’t remember me at all. (Shhhhhhhhh–ocker.) But he seemed awfully sweet, and I can’t remember for the life of me why she hated him.

But I still have no words for her, none at all. I can’t decide if she’s settling, if it’s sweet, or if destiny is a rabid poodle in a clown suit, but, hey, at least if I’m not doing anything interesting, I can stress about her mental health, right?

That’s what friends are for!

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  1. Catie says:

    so no response from the doctors yet eh? i hope they figure out what is wrong with you soon.

    how does Chicken feel about the social outcast thing? i know it can be hard, and it is also hard to hear and believe that things will get better. i’ve been there.

    i wish i could do more than send good thoughts to you and Chicken

  2. NeedleTart says:

    A rabid poodle in a clown suit? Yeah, that sums up destiny and puts it in its place.
    Hope they find something quick and simple to explain the fever.

  3. Amy Lane says:

    Thank you both (all!!) for the good wishes–I’m hoping for something quick and easy myself. Catie–Chicken found a friend this year, and another, and has managed to keep herself herself, which is all we ever asked of her. Her 6th grade year SUCKED…I’m hoping 8th and 9th grade ease up on the social pressure. (My honors Sr. assure me that it will…eventually, she will find balance:-) I too was the school pariah–I think that at some time, creative, bright people find a way to distinguish themselves from their peers before their peers realize that it’s a good thing not to be just. like. everybody. else. It’s one of the things that makes this age so hellific…

  4. Bells says:

    Tell Chicken that in my experience, high school social outcasts grow up to be the coolest people (just ask me how…)

    That fever sounds scary as hell!!

    And the friend sleeping with the stalker….um…I don’t have words either. It’s a small world if all these years later you can run into a high school stalker and they STILL want to sleep with you. I ran into mine about two years ago and he was married with kids but I reckon if I’d given him the word….weird huh? to me, he was still 14 and spotty. I couldn’t get past that.

  5. Louiz says:

    Hope the fever is on the way out!

    My book stealing friend has handed me back Vulnerable and asked if there’s any more… She loved it.

  6. roxie says:

    Do you know anyone who grew up to be a decent human being and never, at some time in her life, felt like a social outcast? And for crying out loud, look at the popular kids. How do THEY turn out in later life?

    So glad chicken has a pal. And what fun those card nights must be! Give her a hug from me. I was always an outcast AND was elected student body president. Go figure.

    I don’t like that fever. Are you healing up OK from little wounds and scratches?

  7. Rae says:

    LOL on what you and Roxie said about the social outcasts. True — look how the popular kids turn out. S-C-A-R-Y!!!

    And speaking of scary, your fever is frightening! Ack!!!

  8. Don’t like the sound of this fever, ma’am.

    I’ve had your fingerless mitt thing happen. Color is fabulous. Pattern is fabulous. Color + Pattern = Horror.


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