Randy Beaman Story

So I was in the mood for a Randy Beaman story, and I figured I’d borrow one from YouTube for those of you who are new to the oeuvre.

So here goes–here’s my Randy Beaman story.

So this one time when I was teaching my AP English kids were taking the AP test and this dumb administrator almost botched everybody’s grade.  First he was late, and then he was rude and then he wandered around the classroom while the kids were TAKING THE TEST and the kids came and complained to me and I fired off an email to the entire fucking free world about this dumb administrator and I called him by name.

And my principal was like, “eeeeeee…” and my department head was like, “eeeeeeeeee…” and I was like, “BUT THE KIDS!” and they were all like “eeeeeee….” and then nothing happened and I was like, “YES! I DID THE RIGHT THING!”

Except two years later I was trying to get a part time contract because I was pregnant with three kids then and I waddled into a district meeting with my three kids behind me going, “Hey, why you no give me part time. All these OTHER people ask for part time but why there no part time in contract for ME cause this is stupid and mean!”

And the person who didn’t give me part time was the administrator’s WIFE who also worked there and hated my guts now.

And they also both worked to get me booted from the AP program and our scores went promptly down the drain because I’d paid for my own education for AP because the other male teachers said I was too stupid because I was the nice teacher and it was hard to explain that being the nice teacher didn’t make my class dumb it just wasn’t boring. So the entire school was shorted a decent AP program because people don’t like being screamed at by random employees.

So that’s how me screaming at the top of my lungs in a situation I knew nothing about not only fucked me it fucked my children and it fucked the students and now I don’t do that anymore.

Okay, bye.

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