Rat Erotica…

Seriously– blogging gets more and more difficult by the nanosecond:

Quarantine, Day 16: Took the dogs for a walk. Much excitement ensued!

Quarantine, Day 17: Took the dogs for a walk. Much excitement ensued!

You can see a pattern there, right?  I think the one thing I’m most disappointed about is I keep losing my earbuds–I was really getting into a pattern of listening to an audiobook while knitting. (Just saying, good thing I’m a Karen Rose fan– she gets to write books that are at least 20 hours long!)

Anyway– besides that, there’s, well, us. Knocking around the house and trying not to piss each other off.

Squish has impressed me though– she’s cleaned her room to the point that we bought paint today, and Mate priced flooring. We can move shit out and let her paint her room and order a mattress and she can move out of the bunk-bed which she sleeps in (she’s bottom, ZoomBoy’s top.) By the way, it freaks us all out that Lowe’s is still open. I stayed in the car and let them go price paint–it was surreal how full that parking lot was.

His room will need a flame-thrower and the national guard to clean out–we need to make sure the weather is going to be super nice before we do his–and, hate to say it, need to make sure the thrift stores are open to donate too!

So, my big excitement tomorrow is that Shades of Henry releases Tuesday! I’m super excited about it–but I’ll talk about it a little more tomorrow 🙂


About the title.

Most of us are finding things to keep amused, but if you get a chance to watch John Oliver’s show tonight (it’s usually aired on YouTube or HBO Go the day after) after the VERY sobering discussion about how the fucking pustule in chief has our blood on his hands (again–I haven’t forgotten Puerto Rico or the hate crimes he’s inspired) has failed us huge, there is a VERY entertaining segment about…

Well, Rat Erotica.

Here– skip through the first part, if you need to, but oh my stars. The last five or so minutes…


And if you haven’t had your fill of  Tweets and Memes– this one from Buzzfeed sort of nailed my generation like a hand to the heart:


And there you go. It’s gotten down to Buzzfeed and Rat Erotica. But it’s better than excitement–because I have had plenty of that.

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