My computer’s down, really? Not MY computer…my computer is always so reliable…my computer never dies. I mean, I’m a writer, for sweet Goddess’ sake–and a teacher! I have lesson plans to revise, and I only got 250 pages done this summer, including the 12 units (A’s all around) that I took between the hours of 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.. I mean, if my computer (or it’s power supply, which my fever dream seems to indicate) were down right now, less than a week before school, well, then, I would just have to pitch a fit and weep…

Me? Pitch a fit? Nahhhh…me? Because my computer, the electronic heart that pumps the creativity through my veins broke down?

SOMEBODY must be hallucinating.

(Okay, all that aside, I have two book things I need to bring up…

1. I fully plan to take people up on their offers to read through my rough draft–but part I is a good fifty pages from being done. (It’s really long–part 1 alone is going to be as long as BOUND…If I wasn’t so hell bent on finishing BITTER MOON by February so I can have RAMPANT out next year, I’d do it in two sections, but I miss Cory and everybody else misses Cory, and I want BITTER MOON, all of it, out of my blood in one painful chunk, like an unholy gallstone.)

2. There’s an discussion about who we would cast as our ‘leading man’–I’ve never been able to cast The LIttle Goddess Series to my satisfaction. I was wondering, for those of you who both read the books and stalk the blogs (there’s a few of you–I treasure you guys, you know that, right?) who would you cast as Adrian, Green, Cory, Bracken, Arturo, Grace, et al?

Just curious…
Amy Lane

0 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. Bells says:

    one day when I can get my hands on your books (next Amazon order, I imagine) I will have something to say on casting matters!

  2. Louiz says:

    Have I offered to read a draft? I know I meant to. And the cast? I don’t watch a lot of films at the cinema anymore, so I have no idea… I mean who can you get to play a man-god of extreme sexiness like Green?!

  3. Broken computer? Maybe you shouldn’t play with electronics anymore. Sure it will make writing a bit longer, but you won’t lose it.

  4. I swear you have a way with technology. Hopefully, you’ll be able to climb your way out of the black hole before Monday so as to start the new school year off on a better foot than the last one. I’m still in denial. It can’t be Monday already. I won’t allow it. And have I offered to read for you lately? If not, I’m doing it now.

  5. roxie says:

    Really, the part of Green would be just the thing for some delicious hunk who has been paying his dues for a few years but hasn’t struck it famous yet. You know, like that Australian guy in Mad Max.

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