Saturday Night Cleanup

Okay– wow.  Chicken is not the only one who has had an eventful week.  She made it through graduation, and then went on to dance rehearsal, and then went on to grad night until five in the morning, and then went to dance rehearsal at five at night and then tonight, we all went to my parents’ house for a family dinner


So, yeah.  That’s a lot! And Mate and I have been panting to keep up with her, and with everything, and really?  All I have to share with you are the scattered bits of here and there, as I tried to keep an even keel.  Let’s start, shall we?

 First of all, seeing Chicken graduate (or, more specifically, since they weren’t there, seeing her gown and sash) made Zoomboy and Squish dream of great things.  Here they are, asking me to call their names so they can cross the stage and get their diplomas.  The first time Squish did this (not pictured because I didn’t know what she had planned) she bowed and thanked everybody for help getting her through college.  Re: my last post?  That made me pretty proud– she’s dreaming big!

Second of all, uhm, ignore the messy house here– yeah, it was actually clean on Thursday, since there was a chance relatives might want to come by, but now?  Well, the little kids actually (get this–it’s a shocker) EMPTIED OUT THEIR BACKPACKS in order to facilitate that whole summer vacation thing that starts at 12:30 p.m., Monday afternoon.  I’m looking forward to that, actually– but I’m scary-busy, and I’m not sure how much work I’ll get done!

And next?  Okay– everything you ever wanted to know about Zoomboy is in this carefully arranged set up of stuffed primates–they ARE paired off by family, genus, and species, why do you ask?  (And yeah– they do sort of look like monkeys at a singles mixer– what is it about primates that make them always look horny?  I’m just asking!)

And finally, a bit about me and politics.

Don’t ask me how– but my friend and I got on the subject of politics–and why I should or should not be involved in them.  She thought I should–I am articulate, I am informed (at least in this particular area) and I am reasonable.  I thought she was crazy.  She couldn’t see why I’d doubt myself.  And I thought about it, and when it’s said and done, it all comes down to this story.  Now, I think I’ve told this story in another part of the blog, so this is the boiled down version of it right here–probably not the most accurate, but the most helpful for the purpose of illustration, if you know what I mean.  So here goes.

Not long before I was forced to leave my old job, I had a scheduling difficulty.  I was scheduled for 2nd, 4th, and 6th period, and, as you all probably know, that COMPLETELY negates the purpose of being part time.  Less time to get paid, the same amount of time at school.  So anyway, we had like, four days before we were supposed to start, and I went to my principal and said, “Whine, whine, whine,” and he said, “Okay, Amy–you fix it.”

So, I went to the counselor’s office and found a counselor who was still working on schedules and I said, “Whine, whine, whine,” and he said, “Here–that should never have been okayed.  If we move this person here, and you here, voila.  Fixed.”  And I said, “Yay!  I shall tell the person that this impacted, and if she’s got a problem with this, we can find another fix!”

And so I did, and I told her that we were going to do this instead, and she looked a little upset and she said we could probably manage it.

And the next day I got called into the principal’s office.  He looked at me and said, “Amy, this is my fault.  I looked at you and I said, ‘Fix it.'”

And I said, “I did!”

And he said, “Yeah, but you should have gone to your department head and told him to fix it, and then he would have told the counselor and then told the person whose schedule you impacted.”

I said, “You told me to fix it!”

And he said, “Well, your department head is all mad because he felt like you went over his head.”

And I said, “You told me to fix it!”

And he said, “Yes, but the person whose schedule you impacted felt like you were bullying her.”

And I said, “YOU TOLD ME TO FIX IT!”

And he said, “Yes.  You’re right.  It’s my fault,  I told you to fix it, and you did exactly what I told you to, but there’s a whole chain of command thing…”

“Which I ignored because you told me to fix it.”

“Yes.  Totally my fault.  Don’t do it again.”

“Well I won’t if you don’t tell me to fix it!

“Okay.  Well, I’m glad we had this little talk.  Next time I’ll fix it myself.”

And then I left.  But seriously, people, THAT’S why I shouldn’t be involved in politic

0 thoughts on “Saturday Night Cleanup”

  1. roxie says:

    Ah, the old, "You deal with this so I don't have to only be sure you follow all these unspoken rules."

    I really don't think you are sufficiently egomaniacal, self-deceiving, and ruthless enough to be in politics.

    Wow. Chicken is beautiful! So that's 50% of the brood hatched. Next – Zoom boy will graduate. Better start girding your loins now.

  2. Amychelle says:

    School politics are the worst in my opinion! I've not worked in a corporation large enough to actually have a department head, but I'm pretty sure that I could muck that up! I have difficulty when I can't just talk to a person as a human being and take care of the problem.

    Congratulations to the entire family on another member successfully navigating her escape from high school!! Seriously though, I don't understand those people who say it's the best time of their lives. . . really? How sad for them! I'd rather have a few best moments sprinkled throughout the decades!

  3. DecRainK says:

    the videos are not working for me 🙁

    Zoomboy really likes the whole family, genus, species thing huh?

    and it is so awesome your little ones are dreaming of graduating and college already 🙂

  4. Donna Lee says:

    Chicken grew into a beautiful young woman. And she has brains. A deadly combination!

    I have gotten caught in the "chain of command" before. It taught me that I should just fly below the radar and try not to get noticed.

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