Score– Boychildren 0, Girlchildren 2

And, ladies and gentlemen, today’s game went as follows…

*  This morning, as I was working, Big T came in. Now, granted he’s a bit stoned these days because he had to get his gum grafted to his gum (and OUCH!) so, he talked to me and I told him I was busy and he talked and I told him, “You know, doing the dishes doesn’t count as heavy lifting!”

“Have you given any thought to converting to paper plates?”

“NO! I already feel horrible about the amount of takeout we actually eat. Paper plates are bad for the environment!”

“Well so is washing dishes!”

“Well deforestation is causing the drought. I’m not going to destroy any more trees because you’re feeling lazy!”

“Bite me.”

He wandered out.

And there you go, children, don’t expect mommy not to be a big fat bitch if you get up in her grill when she’s working.

*  After school, ZB had a tearful confession about a missing book report and blown off homework and how he was unworthy. I told him to go to his room and write a list of five things he needs to do in order to not disappoint us or himself this semester.

Number one on the list was “Not lie about having homework done.”

*dark cloud of wrath forming as mommy makes plots happen*

Amen to that.

*  Squish got home, sat down, did her homework, and packed for tomorrow’s night at grandma’s like a champion.

*  Chicken texted me a picture of her cat hugging her arm as the asshole cat fell asleep.

Clearly, the girls are winning and the boys really have to step of their game.

So– going to Reno with my beloved Mate on the train tomorrow. It’s a gift from my parents (and when they do things like this I resolve to whine about my parents no more forever) for Christmas.  So, there shall probably be fanfic Saturday in the early Sunday morning–but don’t despair, there WILL be some sort of fanfic.

I am, as always, open to bribery, suggestions, gifs, comics, and flattery.

Let the games begin!

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