Snippets of Nothing

1. I’m working on Making Promises (sequel to Promise Rock) right now. I’m dying to finish Jack & Teague, and I have an idea for a hot little novella, but right now, Mikhail is BREAKING MY FREAKING HEART. Anyone out there know anything about Russian endearments and swear words? I feel the need to have my hair dyed at the local salon, just so I can pick the brains of the girls there.

2. Last night, and my grandpa’s 90th birthday party (I’m not sure he knows we were there, but he ate well) my Aunt Teresa asked about the ‘3G network’– “What does the G stand for?” (for those of you who have seen the verizon commercials with the maps–that’s what she’s talking about.

When I got home, I asked Mate about the 3 G network– what does the G stand for? Mate said he didn’t know.

Zoomboy, who was sitting next to me during this conversation, said in a very matter-of-fact voice, “It STANDS for Giraffe!”

So know we know. It’s the three Giraffe network. And in the next (aherm) GENERATION, it will be the four Giraffe network. Like I said, now we know.

3. This morning, I was helping Ladybug get dressed. She was butt-assed-nekked, and I gave her clothes and she was not sure she liked my selection, but she carried them through the house anyway to put on in the living room, a big brown funk over her head as she contemplated the unfairness of life.

“She’s funny,” observed Chicken.

Ladybug gave her a sour look, pulled her funk back over her head, looked at her nekkid pink toes and resumed trudging. “I. Am. NOT. Funny.”

Chicken and I had to hold each other up we were laughing so hard.

And that’s what I gots. I am one project away from being done with my Christmas knitting, and if you don’t think that doesn’t curl my toes, you haven’t been paying attention!

0 thoughts on “Snippets of Nothing”

  1. w00t one knitting project away from being done with Christmas knitting!! Go you!

    Three Giraffe network is what I've been using? Damn, what will Perky's be with 3GS?

  2. roxie says:

    How wonderful that Chicken is a partner in hilarity. Lucky, lucky her! I never laughed with my mom. Of course, Squishy Belle would trigger a giggle in just about anyone.

    I know a Russian couple. I'll ask about the endearments and swear words, but since they are happily married 40 somethings, the slang may be somewhat out of date.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Russian sounds wonderful no matter what they're saying.

    It's a good thing you're writing these things down. The little ones wouldn't believe you when you remind them of how cute they were (I constantly remind Kate of all the cute things I can remember-I wish I had written more down)

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