Snoozing hounds, yarn books, and fungus

 Not much today–I mean Monday. I got to go to aqua– yayayay!

But I did get a copy of Yarn, the Display edition, which has a short story I wrote in it. This looks like it might be an issue-wide thing–and the magazine is lovely. Full color, glossy paper, some amazing articles on fibers and technique. I’m in love–I wish we got it here in the states. And I get to have a story in it, and that makes me so excited!  Kyle and Cliff shall have many more adventures to come.


And Squish got to read it. Because there was only a kiss.

She thought it was charming.

 And I took the picture below of Mate and the potato shaped hound because the potato shaped hound was dead to the world.

Bless her little heart– that trashy bitch went through a lot of garbage today! She earned her slumber!

And finally, for dinner I took some chicken that I’d simmered in barbecue sauce last week and heated it up with some cheese and some mushrooms, because the mushrooms were going bad and this was my last chance to throw them in something.  The kids asked me what we were eating today, and I told them, “Sloppy fungus!”

Would you believe nobody batted an eyelash and everybody ate?

It was unexpectedly delicious.

Night everybody!

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  1. Unknown says:

    "Leftover surprise" is a favorite dish around this household, too!

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