So… much… random…

Indoor soccer–through the heavy duty plexiglass

This first part is to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas… somewhere around the swans. Or the drummers. Or the maids. Or the maids fucking the drummers in front of the swans… whatever. You all know the tune…

And on the third day of December, I had to remember things…

For friend’s child–it’s SOFT

Drop Squish off early, pick up Zoomboy late, pick Squish up right after, make her get her gear, wait for Mate to get here, take her to her indoor game… *breath*


Get home and relax shortly, get the kids in showers, knit my friend’s son’s scarf…

And watch Evolution on TV!!!!  

*  *  *

It rained today. I know, I know– for those of you with places where this isn’t a forgotten and extinct phenomena, you’re like “So what. It’s been snowing here all week.”

For us in California, it was magic sky water.

For the dogs, it was a signal to sit in the front room and howl for the hour beforehand, because dogs I guess.

But there was water. There might me a little more next week. This is very promising.

* * *

Looking at the weather to see if it would rain caused me to see THIS random factoid, which is that that record high for this day was in 2003, when it was 70 degrees in December.

I knew this.

Why fore?

Because Zoomboy was born in November of 2003. And it was 90 degrees, right up until Halloween, when suddenly the temperature dropped and it rained and Chicken’s rat died from cold shock.

But that winter never really did get cold, and given that Zoomboy was supposed to be treated like a fragile flower after his week in the NICU, I can only be grateful.  But I can tell you this– that kid was born ON my due date, at six o’clock in the morning, and that was the most merciful thing he could have done for me. Because it was November and it was eighty fucking degrees.

I shit you not, after I recovered from my shock at finding out that I was pregnant with Squish (a whole other story) the second thing I could think (after “Where will this go?”) was, “Well, at least this is the last time ever that I’m pregnant in the summer.”

Because 12 years ago today, it was 70 degrees in December, and I’d just had a baby and it felt like I was being punished by God. 

So today, I was so very grateful for the rain.

* * *

And that leads me to right now– where I really need to go write!

 But don’t forget Winter Ball of the awesome RT Review is available for Pre-Sale at DSP.   Get your copy early 🙂  (Because I am jittery as HELL about this story, that’s why. I’m sorry. It’s been a day. I’m oversharing. Just know that it’s on sale and leave me to my neuroses. SQUIRREL1!!)

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  1. Janice says:

    Fellow knitter here…love your stuff, usually. Can't get past the excerpt for the new book posted on All Romance…there are NO linebackers in soccer!!! Aargh!

  2. Amy Lane says:

    Actually, honey, that's kind of the point. These aren't FIFA pros– they're just a bunch of guys getting together to play. The FIFA words are offside, halftime, and defender–not offsides, the half, and linebacker. Skipper is thinking of that guy as a linebacker because he's huge, and this isn't really a soccer town.

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