So, the weekend went where?

Saturday– Mate leaves house at 7:30 in rented truck with portable goals so Squish’s soccer field can have goals.

Squish, Zoomboy and I leave house at 8:30, attend son’s soccer game, watch them do pretty good, gossip happily with the team moms, celebrate their loss, and drive to the next game.

Repeat for Squish’s team.  Hide under shade as temperature creeps up to a muggy and smoke filled 97 degrees.

Stop for lunch, take kids home, drop Mate off back at Squish’s soccer field, where he must wait until the field is done for the day to retrieve the rented truck.  Come home, blog, go to meet Mate at the truck rental place so he can drop off truck.

By the by? The truck rental place is… well… heinous does not begin to describe it. It’s based in a liquor store right off the railroad tracks in Roseville. Seriously– Ace and Sonny would class that place up, I shit you not. I waited there for fifteen minutes, and avoided people watching because my timecard is full and I didn’t want to have to serve as a witness against anyone else entering the establishment.

Drove Mate home. Thought, “It’s six o’clock–what the hell happened?”  Watched television, dealt with the dogs who were stressed at not having their morning ride, wrote 4K and went to bed.

Sunday–Woke up, write 1K, took dogs to to McDonalds and out for a walk, got home and picked Mate up.

At this point, the sky was apocalypse red, by the way. You couldn’t see the sun, the breeze smelled like the rest of California–dust and smoke–and breathing was optional.  Into this weather we left to…

Go swap my phone out. Because it’s me, it took an hour, and they were doing their best too.  I just always pick the wierdo phone with the wierdo problems that don’t swap out, and I”m really particular and I have 5000 pictures, none of which can be used on the blog.

So, we left there, ate lunch, and went car shopping, squinting through the drifting smoke.

Car shopping took four hours–and we drove straight to the dealership, Mate pulled up the car he wanted on his phone (a 2004 Volvo, with his insurance money) and said, “I want that one.”

They said, “It’s at another dealership– hop in, we’ll take you to within a two miles of your house, you can drive back to the wilds of midtown sac, and tell us what you think!”

So we got the car, and even with cash it took way longer than we expected, because, fucking car shopping.

And we left and went, “Crap, milk and toilet paper.”  “And dinner for kids!”  “And I need a goddamned cookie!”  (Okay, that last one was me, I won’t lie.  I needed a cookie. I couldn’t breathe, my head hurt, and I missed my nap– I needed a frickin’ cookie!)

And home, to write, to sleep, to wonder what happened to my weekend.

I’m thinking that Yaoi-Con is going to be a blessing–I will miss the kids and Mate and the stupid dogs, but at least I’ll know, at the end of it, what in the hell happened to my weekend, right?

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