Some Cinnamon, Some Sugar, Some Butter, Some Meat…

Okay– random fun stuff from various places today–

*  The dog.  The frickin’ dog.  I look at the dog on the couch,  leave the room, head for another room, pause in the hallway, and when I get to where I’m going?  Yeah– the dog is there.  Waiting for me.  IT’S LIKE I HAVE TWO DOGS! Or a bunch of little dog clones, that are just hanging out in whatever room I’m heading for.  *shudder* Weird.

*  Zoomboy: “Mom!  Guess what?  The lizard that was running around the house is now a corpse in Squish’s room because the cat gave her a present!”


Two hours later:  “You know mom, I think the lizard we lost was smaller. That was a whole other lizard.”



*  The AHT at the vets: “Oh, isn’t he sweet?  I just cuddle him and we can give him a shot without a problem.”

Dog:  (((0.0)))

Me, at the movie theatre, with the kids who are dressed up for Grease, the singalong version: Oh holy Jebus– I don’t remember John Travolta saying “pussy wagon” and “girls will cream” quite so much when I saw this movie as a kid.

Mate, at the movie theatre, with the kids who are dressed up for Grease, the singalong version: I am the only man here.  Oh wait!  There’s one!  He too is here with his wife wearing pegged jeans and a ponytail.  Excellent.  Thanks for this.  No.  I may do the hand-jive but I refuse to sing.

Squish, at the movie theatre, with pigtails and a fluffy skirt:  “Tell me more tell me more tell me more!”

Zoomboy, with the tank top and the jeans: I too will do the hand-jive but I refuse to sing.


*  Fourth of July– Mom:  It is SO fucking hot, I would actually rather BAKE the ribs at night and eat them cold during the day.  Everybody down with that?

Mate, who ordinarily would have to cook said ribs over the grill in the 111 degree heat:  RIGHTEOUS IDEA!  WOOHOO!

*  Squish, after several days in the heat by the pool, when asked if she wanted to go outside and play: *fainting starfish*

*  Okay– this is about my friend Becky, also known as Fibrobabe– and she’s trying to raise some knitwear for a good cause.  Her info is posted HERE  and if ANYONE wants some Red-Heart Super Saver to use to knit hats or gloves for homeless youth, send me your address via my website contact (above) and I’ll send you a free skein of yarn.  No lie.  I’m never sure if I’ll have the time to put up or shut up for donating knitwear– but if you’ve got the time, I’ve got the yarn.

*  And for those of you who have indicated you missed Chicken’s tumblr with the Angry Rat cartoons– two things.

One, I’ve got a picture of her from a con in L.A., where she’s the spitting image of Daria.  I think that’s awesome.

Two, her tumblr is right here.  That phone convo she posted Monday night?  That was with me.  I’m so proud.

*  Oh yeah– one more thing.  Ethan Gold is FINISHED, and that’s exciting because it might make it out before GRL– WOOT!

0 thoughts on “Some Cinnamon, Some Sugar, Some Butter, Some Meat…”

  1. Unknown says:

    Very excited about Ethan Gold. Very 🙂 (I'm too sleepy to get more excited than that. Imagine it multiplied by ten as I remember you're going to rip my heart out and stomp on it during the book.)

  2. roxie says:

    That's Chicken? What a beauty! And the sing-along "Grease?" Too cool for school!

  3. Woohoo for Ethan Gold! And do you mean fibro as in fibromyalgia? Cause I know all about that. But even if you mean in the fiber sense I'll be happy to knit something (simple). You have my address from the bookmarks.

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