Some Observations on Blues Brothers

Squish, Big T, Chicken, Mate and I watched Blues Brothers tonight, and the following things were said:

Squish: Is that Princess Leia with a rifle?
Chicken: Technically it’s a Bazooka.
Big T: Isn’t a rocket launcher?
Squish: But it IS Princess Leia, right?
Chicken and Big T: Yes– yes it is. She’s not a bad shot.

Mate: This guy singing “Boom boom boom boom” is really important.  Who is he?
Me: Uh…
Mate: Oh– here it is. John Lee Hooker!
Me: Oh– that guy really was important.

Me: I don’t have my glasses on– was that Bill Murray?
Mate: No, that’s not Bill Murray!
Me: Well, he had Bill Murray’s inflection! Who the hell was he?
Mate, after appropriate Google-fu: Hm. Well, he’s a stunt man. Who was in a bunch of movies in little bit parts. He testified in court that Robert Blake offered him money to kill his wife, and died when he got T-boned at an intersection by another stuntman. In Rancho Cordova (which is a neighboring suburb to Citrus Heights, sort of.)
Me and the kids: o.o O.O 0.0 *.* Uh, wow. So, uh… now we know.

Squish: Who’s that woman?
Me: Aretha Franklin–be respectful, her name is sacred in the house of the blues.
Chicken: And she’s about to sing a hymn.

Me: Hey, Squish, there’s the Picasso we saw in Chicago!
Squish: Oh yeah! They had that back then?
Me: According to all the guides, yes they did.

Squish: Wait– what year was this?
Me: 1982.
Squish: Then didn’t they know better?
Me: Who?
Squish: The Illinois Nazis? Didn’t they know that was bad?
Me: Well, most of the GOP doesn’t know today, so I guess not.
Squish: That’s sad.
Me: It sure is.

Me: You know, Squish, this whole movie started with a bit that Jake and Elwood–I mean John Belushi and Dan Akroyd– did on stage.  Wanna see?
Squish: They’re really good– and so entertaining. I think it’s great that they got their own movie!
Me: Yes– I think that was a sound movie investment, myself. Especially since Chicago was having a run on police cars at the time.

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  1. Unknown says:

    One can never have enough of "Family History Time"……especially when it's taught from the 'Font of We Only Present The Naked Facts.' That, in itself, tends to make most scholastic staff down here shudder and whimper piteously.

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