Some Promotions are Good For the Soul

So, I’ve discovered as I progress that I’m actually not an island. I am, in fact, part of a NUMBER of writing organizations–and I’ve been blessed.

So two of my groups have promotions going on and I thought I’d talk about them.

The PRG–

The Paranormal Romance Guild is having a membership drive in May–and they’re a WONDERFUL organization that supports independent and self-published authors. They review your work, promote it, and generally help the newbie author feel not so alone. And they’ve been WONDERFULLY supportive of the LGBTQ community–I’ve watched this group blossom from a few lost souls on going, “Wait– there’s got to be another way to promote ourselves besides being on the forums!” to this amazing organization.

So come check out the PARANORMAL ROMANCE GUILD–not just Paranormal, but definitely a group of folks intent on furthering their craft!

The next thing I’d like to promote is the annual Keith Milano Foundation that promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Denise Milano Sprung is an avid reader–and a grieving sister. She has promoted an event for the last several years in which authors give a portion of their proceeds for a specific book to the Keith Milano Foundation for suicide prevention and I’ve been a part of this every year. This year I’m promoting Bobby Green, because Reg’s sister suffers from untreated schizophrenia. For those close to me, you know that V’s story comes from my own experiences with family members–right down to some of the most outrageous moments. So Bobby Green is close to my heart–I’ve ripped open a vein here, and I’d love to have it do some good.

If you’d rather just donate to the source, by all means–VISIT THIS LINK HERE-– and see all of the places that your money goes when you donate. Denise and her husband are good people, and they’ve worked very hard to combine Denise’s passion for romance reading and her desire to see that no other young man has to lose his life to mental illness. They’re a force for good, and I’m proud to promote my work to help them.

So there you go!  Two promotions going down this month, one of which can help new writers, and the other of which readers and writers can help!  I’m always surprised when I realize how many people I know–and how many people I”ve cheered on and have been cheered on by in return.

Happy May, everybody!

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  1. Amy–Thanks for this wonderful post and for your ongoing support of the Paranormal Romance Guild. We love you!! xoxo

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