Some Shit I Forgot To Mention

* I’m in editing hell.

* At first it was editing heaven–you guys saw that part. Then I realized that I was so busy popping little blue editing balloons, I’d forgotten to hit the ‘track changes’ button.

* I realized this on page 200 of 332 pages. I am now on page 240, after redoing the two-hundred pages previous.

* Again.

* My deadline is tomorrow.

* I feel like a stressed dorkfish about this.

* When I told my editor, she knew what adorkfish was!

* I so love her.

* She can also edit the spelling of “cannyagimmehalefuckingllujia!” I may have mentioned this–but I am still imfuckingpressed.

* All this editing has been done in the kitchen, with a draft on my feet and the heater vent blowing cold air on my eyes.

* I can’t kick my virus, and now I have pinkeye. No shit.

* I didn’t know this until Friday, 6:45 a.m.–this is, for the record, 45 minutes after the cut-off time for calling a sub.

* I figured out I had pink-eye because I looked in the mirror and thought, “Holy God! The only things with eyes that red should have fangs!”

* My teaching day sucked because my eyes were red. If I wasn’t catching shit about hotboxing weed, I was catching shit about pinkeye. The kids were horrible. I hate them.

* I mentioned this to the curriculum clones. They told me “I’m actually having some real successes right now!”

* Good for them. I’m happy they’re happy.

* In fifteen years, I hope they are this excited to be here. Just sayin’.

* It’s possible the depths of my hatred were spawned in the pinkeye incident. We’ll see if I can cook up a decent final and then decide.

* I need time to sit down and knit. Believe it or not, I’ve got Christmas knitting planned.

* It’s possible that I’m a moron.

* Moron or not, I’m done w/ 2.75 of a planned 7 projects. I’m feeling good about myself.

* Let’s see how good I feel the night before Christmas. Just sayin’.

* And iUniverse should have the Rampant proofs to me right after Christmas.

* Woohoo! And that’s a good place to stop!

0 thoughts on “Some Shit I Forgot To Mention”

  1. Wow, that's a lot of news (and, therefore, a lot going on!). I hope it all goes well 🙂

  2. roxie says:

    Any chance that remainng 5.25 knitting projects will be on whoopty twelves?

    You. Poor. Dear! Pink-eye, flu AND horrible kids. I hate them too. They should all be abducted and eaten by aliens.

    Ahh crap! I just hate it when one of those crucial details slips by. You mean I was supposed to save all that? Shitshitshitshit!

  3. Mardel says:

    Jesus Christ, Lady! put a blanket on your lap, two pairs of socks on and rest your feet on a rug or towel. Or, go to bed for a little bit. No need to suffer like that. Of course I've been sick with a fever and I'm at my computer…..There's no accounting for our brains when we're sick, is there?

    I feel for you on the editing thing. The closes I've come to that is making changes in a work document and forgetting to save when I close. Sucks.

    BTW – after years of wanting to, I finally ordered Vulnerable. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  4. Louiz says:

    cold tea is good for pink eye. If you have nothing else. It stings like buggery, but it does help. I would only use it if I had no modern medical stuff and *really* needed something.

  5. Littlewitch says:

    This too shall pass, sweet. And in the meantime just keep repeating to yourself "If I Must is the #1 best seller on the Advent Calendar list".

  6. Pink eye is the WORST. Hope you get better soon.

  7. DecRainK says:

    I feel your sickness pain. I dont have pinkeye but I do have a cold that is making me feel like a snot demon. yech.

    Hope you give the evil brats a horrid final just for the fun of it :0)

  8. Donna Lee says:

    Pinkeye is one of the two or three things they will send me home from work for. Everyone gets all nervous.

    That is editing hell but it sounds like you have a winner for an editor.

    Christmas knitting? Are you crazy?

  9. Galad says:

    You do have a lot going on. Hope the pink eye is better soon. It is soooo miserable.

    Editing will soon be done and you will be so excited with the outcome 🙂

  10. TinkingBell says:

    You poor thing – take care of yourself (and just call the sub anyway!)

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