Status Report

*  The silkworms are, I regret to inform you, still here. Mate and I go on our mostly deserted walk in the park and when we get back to the car we spend a good five minutes divesting ourselves of the “nature”.  In a not unconnected event, there are horny birds everywhere who–high off of silkworm snacking–think Netflix and Chill involves screaming “DO ME!” from the branch of every tree available.  And, in other news, this particular riparian woodland features warnings about rattlesnakes during the summer.

Ah, nature.
And in related news…
*  Me: So, Squishie, do you want to come walking with us?
   Squish: Is there still nature out there?
   Me: If you mean the silkworms, uh, yes. They seem to have gotten fatter.
   Squish: Hard pass. I’d rather do laundry. 
*  Me: So, ZoomBoy, do you want to come walking with us?
   ZB: Is there still nature out there?
   Me: Yes.
   ZB: Hard pass–staying home.
  Mate: Even if it means doing homework and mowing the lawn?
   ZB: I don’t see silkworms on that lawn.
I never really thought of myself as a hearty pioneer type–Mate neither. But apparently our tolerance for fat little worms who dangle on invisible strings makes us heroes. Who knew?
*  TV in the past two weeks– Psych, Leverage, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy in the original Swedish. (Also known as the Millennium trilogy, because that’s the name of the main character’s magazine.)  The Millennium trilogy is pretty stunning in the original language–I think I could actually watch them again.
* Audiobook: Alone in the Dark by Karen Rose
* e-Book: Rereading Stand in Place by Mary Calmes–I have her newest, and I’m looking forward to it, but Stand in Place makes me really happy. Forgiveness and kindness and reconnecting with roots without the bitter aftertaste–I’m a fan.
And as for the picture? Well, a reader posted in my FB group about how a local SPCA was having the employees draw pictures of people’s pets as a fundraiser. No–the pictures weren’t masterpieces–that was the point. Well, a reader decided to draw a picture of Geoffie from a picture I’d posted, and she sent it to me. *hugs chest* And I adore it so. It captures the essence of my little nuisance/beloved pet, and I’ve put it up by my computer. I couldn’t love it more if it was Renoir 🙂

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