So, I finished the scarf for the student who DOES like me–it came out wonderfully, and, just to prove that making them stuff isn’t a complete waste of time and energy, she was SOOOOOO grateful–the whole thing made me feel good. What also made me feel good was that I’d fixed her up with my own daycare provider–she needed a Senior Project mentor, and my daycare provider (having gone through her own Senior Project when the Cave Troll was just a tadpole in her mother’s day care) was happy to do it. So the scarf student had just gone and put in senior project hours with my own kids–she came by my class to tell me that they were every bit as cute as I told them in my stories, and, seriously, what mother doesn’t want to hear that?

Tonight was a bizarre mixture of Open House and course registration–I’m too tired to go into it more than that, but suffice it to say that my presence was a complete waste of time. With one exception.

One of my juniors this year is actually the little sister of someone from the class of ’99–who I also had as a student. Anyway, Lili came to visit me, and I was thrilled, and it made an otherwise useless night sort of decent. (btw? If I still had my AP course, they would have needed me. OUCH.)

And then I got home and discovered that Cave Troll had jumped on Ladybug’s head. *sigh* Somethings, you wish wouldn’t time-capsule quite so well. (He is currently having a terribly tantrum because he wouldn’t come to bed, so his sister got a book and he didn’t.)

But other than that, not too terribly much to tell. I just heard a commercial for ’21’–is it just me, or do you know your characters are doomed when they play *Break on Through* by the Doors in the background of the trailer?

Oh yeah–I taught Emerson today…now there was a man who could have sung *Here Comes the Sun* every day of his life–and believed it in every note. They really don’t make ‘poets’ like that anymore, now do they?

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  1. roxie says:

    They don’t make poets like that anymore? I get made at least twice a week, and . .. oh, too much information? Anyhow, they don’t PUBLISH poets like that anymore.

    So coolabout or studnt and yorda-care prider. What good, round karma!

    My verification word is cowxyfm Sounds like a bovine based epoxy. Mooove over Elmer.

  2. oooo Kevin Spacey. I’d do him, on the table, in the cheerios and front of his parents. I saw the documentary, I think the movie will be way, well hollywood.

  3. Em says:

    Reading your blog always makes me smile, Amy. You’re such a tender, dedicated mom, and hearing you talk about your kids (biological and educational) reminds me of why I want my own family. It’s a great balm after listening to angry, spoiled children scream at each other for three hours in our waiting room every day.

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