Sundays Can Be Random Too

* True Blood was on tonight. My love for Eric Northman may never eclipse my love for Dean Winchester, but until Dean shows up and kicks Satan’s ass, it will have to do. And I can live with that.

* I spent much of my day sleeping, some of it reading, some of it knitting, some of it writing, some of it folding clothes while watching Season 3 of Angst & Demon Killing Veal, and some of it sitting on the couch with kids on my lap. Some people might say that it was a lazy day, but I say I accomplished everything I set out to do. I even took a walk.

* The kids start school tomorrow. As soon as I log off here, Mate and I will set about the ritual celebration dance-this is best done in private, since neither of our genetic pools have the rhythm or athleticism to make this dance look good. Suffice it to say the joy is still there.

* I love it when Mate gets all sucked into television. He’s really adorable.

* we went out to dinner with my parents last night at their favorite Chinese restaurant to celebrate my dad’s 63rd b-day. I gave him a hat which came out REALLY good, and all of his grandkids (and the kids of my mom’s best friend, who call him Uncle Pete) showed up. It was all he wanted, and he was really happy, and (I thought this was cute) the staff at Wongs know him so well that they gave him a big box of almond cookies as a gift. Happy B-Day, Daddy–you really are buckets of awesome.

* In spite of having $-0 in the bank, Mate brought home take out tonight. This was probably not wise, but for two nights in a row, I got to have my favorite dish–some of you may enjoy this one too. It’s called The Food I Did Not Have To Cook, and unless it’s a salami-and-greenbean-omelette, it’s usually quite tasty.

* One of the ladies at gymnastics asked me to make her SO a hat–she’ll pay me. Of course, I’m not doing it for the yarn money. I’m doing it because the request sort of pickled me tink!

* Curmudgeonly Colleague told me the other day that he’d read the dirty parts of Vulnerable, so he knew for sure that I wrote porn. I was too flabbergasted by the complete fly in his puree of logic to point out that if all he reads is the dirty parts, all he’s going to see me write is PORN!

* That being said–I’m fourteen pages into Please Don’t, my m/m work that I’m trying to finish before I’m scheduled to start on Jack & Teague: Part V (Becoming). I’m sort of in love with this story– it’s another one that seems to be hatching fully formed in my brain, and Dek (a troublemaker with a chip on his shoulder and a pure, unshakeable love and faith in the boy who saves him from himself) is rapidly becoming a favorite. I am also as much in love with Deacon Winters as Dek is. Thanks, Knittech, for the inspiration on this one–I promise a happy ending and a four hankie read! (And, uhm, fourteen pages in, I guarantee that the only nudity so far is a rather sweet swimming hole scene, with nothing popping up but a little surprise.)

* I also know what the next Little Goddess book is going to be about–but I’m not going to disclose the name until I release Rampant. The name of book V sort of has a spoiler to the end of book IV– but don’t worry, folks, I’m still going to be working on it!

* You all were so awesome about Florence’s story–I TOLD you it was buckets of awesome! Florence, thanks for letting me put up that link! I think you made a lot of folks’ day!

* I’ve discovered the downside to all of that fun publishing stuff last week. Remember that rat that got hooked on cocaine, and he kept pushing the button delivering the drug instead of the one that gave him food or water? yeah. Now I’m like that with my e-mail.

* So of course my computer was out of commission for sixteen hours this weekend. It was horrible. I needed some sort of skin patch to hold me over and keep my hands from shaking. It’s all better now–Thanks Mate!

* And off I go. Deacon and Dek are pleading to find their home on the page.

(Edited to add: I just found out that someone named her son after Bracken! I knew one lovely person named her CAR after our favorite surly elf, but this is the first child named after him! I’m SOOOOOOOOOO tickled!)

0 thoughts on “Sundays Can Be Random Too”

  1. Louiz says:

    Bracken is my password of choice. It was Cory until somewhere asked for a longer one. I add random numerals to it.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Is this another sign that you've arrived? People naming their kids after your characters? I can hear it about 13 years from now, "yea, I know it's a weird name. My mom named me after a character in a book she liked….."

    My daughter Elanor is named after the flowers in LOTR so I get it.

  3. DecRainK says:

    um salami-and-greenbean-omelette? yech.

    Caught part of an episode of Supernatural the other day, had never seen the show before, made me think of you. It was the episode where they find out there are stories out about their lives.

    True Blood rocks and Eric IS a god 😛 I've ALWAYS liked him better than Bill…….

    Sweetness that someone named their kid after Bracken. :0)

  4. Hope the first day of school is enjoyable for the kids.

    Congrats on the name after!

  5. Galad says:

    I love that someone named their child Bracken. What an honor!

    Enjoy the back to school dance 🙂

  6. roxie says:

    Envisioning the dance.: The joy and laughter is beautiful!

    Cory totally rocks!! And it is SO neat that someone named her son after Bracken!!

  7. TinkingBell says:

    How cool – and what a perfect day!

    Yesterday I span – and because of a 3 and a half hour circus rehearsal for Sian, I knitted. And cuddled her in between scenese.

    Pretty good day!

    And go you with the shorts – how cool! (You'll probably want a real editor now!)

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