The dogs, the kids, and me…

So, a quiet day today. I’m spending some of my brain power reworking my presentation for Emerald City, some of my brain power finishing the blog tour for Familiar Angel, and some of it starting Crocus which is the sequel to Bonfires. Honestly, not a whole lot of words left for the day to day of it, so most of this blog’s going to be in pictures.

So, we’ve got the dogs walking, posing of course. I posted these on Instagram with the following story:

And so today, we whizzed on all the whizzing things, bjorked at all the big woofers, and snuffled all the wharping smells. It was a good start to a real day, not a pretend day when we have to pretend we had our walkies but a real day when walkies really happened.

The best kind of day.

The end.

So there you are– cute dogs said cute things. Mission accomplished.

Of course, after the cute things, everybody had to nap.

Even the cats.

I bungled the cat picture though. They were just all asleep in the same general area, without any one cat being on the same piece of furniture as any other cat. I was trying to capture that, but hey, streak of ugliest pictures on the internet remains unbroken.

And the last pictures was pretty classic, because Squish and I were watching television. Squish is fun to watch TV with–especially as she gets older.

“Mom, wait!”


“Why is she kissing that guy? Where’s the other guy. The… the functional guy?”

“Well, they broke up last season.”


“Honey, we’re supposed to be waiting for Paige to get together with Walter! That’s the point of the show.”

She blinked at me.

“I mean… Walter. Head guy.”

She blinked again, and I started to feel like George Clooney in Ocean’s 11. 

“But Walter’s a tool?” I hazarded.

She nodded. “I hate this show.”

Then she rolled over on her stomach and the dogs camped out.

“Uh, Squish?”


“You got something on your butt.”

“Yup. Get me water?”

“Yeah, sure.”

I mean they just looked so comfy, right?

Yup– time for me to go to bed!

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