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I don’t even want to go into it, but subsequent to my last post at the old digs, I have moved my address here now. I hate to abandon my old, hard to remember address for this newer, sleeker version–and someday (not today) I may have to tell why I did this odd and fruitless thing… but in the meantime, I’m still me, I’m still here, and now I’m crankier than ever.

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  1. NeedleTart says:

    Happy blog-warming? I would send pear liquor, but the post office has this thing about flammable liquids. Come visit the week of Purim (March 3, We are required, required, I tell you, to get drunk on that day. Do you think that’s why there are so many Jewish teachers?) Sorry some of your students have made the move a necessity (at least that’s my best guess, reading between the lines. No, I have not started to celebrate Purim early!)

  2. Sorry, Grilltech’s homemade ale isn’t done yet, so I can’t come bearing gifts. Maybe in a month.

    I like the new house. 🙂 Should I take my shoes off before coming in?

  3. Catie says:

    I found you! Yae. I’d give you a plant for housewarming but I don’t know where to put it.

    Sorry to hear about the shit head of a student. My current career goal is to teach university students and I know I will have shits too. But hopefully I will be able to be appropriately stern, like you. For now I just have my 14 students and they are all pretty much angels, I feel blessed every week because I hear the stories from the other TAs and ugh.

    Be sure to tell us what happened eventually. But I don’t understand how people will not just follow the link like we just did.

  4. Rae says:

    Pear liquor sounds good. Makes me think of grappa, for some reason. LUV grappa. Will have to try pear liquor.

    I’m not jewish, but having now rediscovered alcohol, I’m wondering if I’m celebrating Purim early. Something to google.

    Anyway, a house warming gift. Maybe some mace? A baseball bat? A stun gun? to keep the kiddies at bay, of course.

    Looking forward to your new pursuits. Am curious, like catie, about how the kiddies won’t follow the cookie-crumb trail to the new blog. But maybe I’m just unwilling to remember how dumb they can be.

  5. Thought you could sneak away, huh? HA! Found ya!

    Purim sounds like a fabulous idea. Right up my alley… 🙂

  6. Catie says:

    I have a bit of cheer to offer. Cory has a “stupid quote a day calendar” and there was the following:

    On Editor Advice, Bad
    “You’ll never make any money out of children’s books, Jo. Keep your real job.” – Bloomsbury Books editor to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, after purchasing HP and the Philosopher’s Stone (for $1,910) in 1996.

    Dude! was that ever the mistake eh? I hope she got more for the subsequent books though, they must have made a killing on the first with that purchase price.

  7. Amy Lane says:

    Okay–just checking to see if this works…

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