Things to do today

Weird, isn’t it? How our days often devolve into a task list of stuff to do. Even if we’re doing all of our living largely in our head, playing out fantasies of other people’s lives, still, there’s that omnipresent list–it’s like a list ourobouros of you will: as soon as one task is finished another six add themselves to the bottom. I’m sure some folks out there dream about the list, have nightmares about it, in which they discover that someone added “Dig up earthworms and dump them in laundry” had been added and the person reading the list did it without thinking, and now they have to replace their underwear drawer. (I’m sorry. That analogy totally gave me the squirmies. you’re all welcome, put the torches and pitchforks down please!)

Anyway… where was I going with this?

Oh yes. My list:

1. Get hair cut (because my son’s graduation is in two weeks and so’s a trip to Florida.)
2. Buy hair dye. (Because my son’s graduation is in two weeks and so’s a trip to Florida.)
3. Buy new bras. (Because the mammaries are not made to fly free, even though I will be flying to Florida.)
4. Buy yoghurt, fruit, lo cal whipped cream, olives and tomatoes. (Because I’m trying to lose weight to be more comfortable on that trip to Florida.)
5. Buy one more skein of that uber expensive yarn to finish that wraparound shawl. (Because I’ll probably be in the hotel the whole time and they usually have too much air conditioning anyway, yanno when I’m in Florida.)
6. Work on my assigned blurbs so I can finish Talker’s Graduation so it’s done and submitted and I can spend next week working on a cute short featuring a naked boy wearing handknit socks. (So I’ve got nothing pressing when I start my trip to Florida.)
7. Daydream (yes, daydreaming IS on my to-do list–it’s a precursor to writing, why do you ask?) about the novella I’m going to work on in my less than copious spare time (shortly before and after that trip to Florida.)
8. Daydream (still on my to-do list) about what I’m going to say to any poor schmuck who cares to listen to me on the plane (while on that trip to Florida.)
9. Fold clothes (in order to have something to wear on that trip to Florida.)
10. Watch Supernatural because the dumb goobers put it on AFTER a baseball game and we had to tape it as the Season Finale ran FROM 11 pm to 1 am. (And oddly enough, that last one doesn’t have a frickin’ thing to do with Florida.)

Oh, hey– did I mention an opportunity to go and help man the Dreamspinner Booth and meet Vincent my buddy at Torquere at the Gay Days convention… you’ll never guess where it’s being held! (Uhm… Orlando, actually… but you know which state that’s in!)

0 thoughts on “Things to do today”

  1. Chris says:

    Are you by any chance excited about going to Florida?

  2. DecRainK says:

    Yay for a trip to Florida :0)

    hope you have fun. Congrqats to Big T.

  3. roxie says:

    So this trip to Florida – does it include Mate and children, or are you going to run with the wolves? Just asking so I know what sort of national news to anticipate. Good Morning America is going to LOVE you!

  4. Helyce says:

    Wow, Florida. Lots of exciting stuff-graduation too? Wow!

    Yay for Talker's Graduation-way excited for that one.

  5. Are you going some where? =^.^=

    Word verification: prickess

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