This is What Will Be…

First of all, thank you everyone for your well wishes– Zoomboy is feeling better now, and I for one am much relieved.  He sat on my lap again last night, and my back is NOT happy sitting in that chair anymore.  I’m so stiff I can barely move today!

Second of all, Squish and I have a new song:

It was the oddest thing.  I finished “Coming Home” the other day, my paean to Bruce Springsteen, and was in a serious mood for Bruce in general and the Magic album specifically.  So there I was, listening to that on the way home from gymnastics with the window open and the (depressingly mild) spring air blowing through the car, and Squish, my little music magnet, said, “Mom, I want to hear that song again.”  So I played it again.  And again.  After the sixth time we were home, and both me and Squish were singing “This is what will be…” as tunefully as possible, along with the Boss himself.

Squish and I are on opposing camps of the zodiac wheel, and I foresee a day when we will NOT get along.  But in the meantime, knowing that we can sing Bruce Springsteen with her is going to make me VERY happy.

And third of all– a few notes on Super Sock Man, the novella.

This was posted on Good Reads and somebody put up a rating for it–I think in the mistaken idea that if you’d read the short story, you were done with the whole affair, and that was the end.  The thing is, that’s NOT the end.  In fact, if you’ve read the short story, you’ve read approximately 12% of the whole thing– and that DOESN’T include the glimpses of Chase from Chase in Shadow which evolved later.  So, the short story and the novella?  Two rather different animals, sort of like the difference between a house-cat and a big, somnolent lynx, actually.  Besides.

The novella has a pattern.  You know, for the socks on the front?  So no.  The short story and the novella aren’t really the same thing.  The novella was written for all of the people who wanted to see what happened to Donnie and Alejandro AFTER the short story ended–along with some character development beforehand.  And, as I said, there is a tragic glimpse of Chase from someone else’s point of view–always a plus, if you liked Chase’s story, right?

So, different.  Sort of the same, but no.  Mostly different.  Just sayin’.

And with that I’m going to leave you with this–it’s the rabbit in my hat.  Do you want to come and see?  (Okay… you have to listen to the song for that to make ANY sense at all!)

(And Donna Lee if you’re out there, baby?  My e-mail has lost your e-mail address– get a hold of me if you can, and I’ll give you the deets about NY–I’d love to say Hi!)

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  1. roxie says:

    There's no one like the Boss!

    And regardless of what signs you are, you and Squish will inevitably smash those red heads together in a few years. Mothers and daughters? You got off wayyyy too easy with chicken!

    So glad der Zoomster is better. Now keep yourself healthy till after NY, OK?

  2. You've had the practice run with teenagers. You'll have no problems (snicker) with Zoomboy and Squish.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Your email is not in my work computer so I'll look when I get home.
    Or, you can just not approve this comment and I'll put it here

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