Traveling Plans

Okay– so last year was a FLURRY of traveling.  I think I listed all of the places in my Christmas letter, and in addition to San Diego–three times–and San Francisco–twice–there was also Dallas, Florida, and New York.


This year, not so much.

If ALA is in San Francisco again, I may go sign books there–and I’ll definitely be attending Yaoi-Con there in the fall.

But other than that?

Right now my plans are simple:

Coastal Magic–Daytona Beach, February 4-7 

Romantic Times– Las Vegas, April 12-17

RWA–San Diego, July 13-16

And that’s pretty much all.

My reasons for cutting back are, well,

A. Financial–Last year was insane and our coffers need to recoup.

B. Work based– 260,000 of the words I wrote in 2015 are being released in 2017. If I need to feed the family-and pay our taxes!–I need to actually write–which is hard and stressful to do on the road.

C. Emotional

I love travel–and I’m getting decent at it.  But by the end of GRL last year, I got home and… slept. And cried. And slept. I didn’t feel myself until the end of November, which was right before Christmas.

My kids need more of me than this–so it’s my job to provide.

But of course, the upside is that I get to write more books, and the sequel to Lollipop  (Licorice Whip) is more than halfway complete.  In the meantime, Lollipop is out on Monday–and yeah. Getting excited.

You can pre-buy it at ARe, Amazon, and DSP— and some reviews are popping up on GR. 

So far? People agree that it’s pretty damned sweet 🙂

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