Warning: This Product May Cause Uncontrollable Sobbing

No, not one of my books–although I have to admit, Immortal was a rough write.  No, not reviews, because mostly, don’t read them anymore. Not onions, cause yanno, a little butter, some garlic, and num!

No. The product I speak of is apparently a computer game called Undertale. 

I will be honest.

I let my daughter, Chicken, recommend this for Zoomboy.

“He’ll be fine, mom. It’s sort of emotional, but don’t worry, he’ll make good choices. It’s all bout problem solving and puzzles, really.”

Well, I trusted her to watch the kids for a week, right? How bad could it be?

I am not sure exactly what happened in this game. I am not sure what horrible choices you are asked to make if you fail some sort of empathy test.

All I know is that I was taking my, uh, four-o-clock meeting when Squish came running into, the, uhm, meeting room, sobbing her heart out.

“Oh my God! What happened! What’s wrong! Why are you crying!”

“Because… the computer game… ZoomBoy made the wrong choooooooiccccce…”

0.0 “The video game? Was it sad?”

“Nooooooo!!! It was tragic!”

“Uh… okay…”


“Honey, I cannot comfort you over a video game while I’m pooping!”

She laughed and sputtered a little and then went out to the car to get her backpack and it was all okay.

Flash forward to tonight, just before bedtime, as we’re watching TV and suddenly ZoomBoy’s chin starts to quiver, and his face crumples and his father is like, “What happened?”

“I made the wrong ciooooiiiiicccccceeee!!!!”

He cried on me for fifteen minutes.

Now, I know this game is all about not killing people, and I’m all for that. And I love that it holds players accountable for past mistakes.  And while I’m sad that my kids cried, I love that they are aware that violent actions have violent consequences that they apparently regret terribly. 

I am all for this game.

I just, you know. Wish I’d had a little warning about the uncontrollable sobbing. Dude. I would have stocked up on Kleenex and taken my meeting at another time!

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