Weekend Things

 So, a few weeks ago, I was at a craft fair, and I’ve got SUCH a weakness!

Anyway– I bought this adorable pink and gray sock monkey, who was going to be sent to a friend and apparently can’t be left alone with children.

Meet fetal monkey, who embodies me, pretty much whenever I have a new release.

Can you picture me rocking?  Rock, fetal monkey, rock! Back and forth, sweetie, that’s it. You’ll be okay, once your legs and tail get untangled. It’s all okay, you’re safe here.

Anyway– now you know.

So, my daughter smacked her car into a pole, which sucks, but today? Mate and my dad took what looked to be a pile of junk and crap outside, in the pissing rain, and fixed it. Seriously.

Fixed it. It needs a blinker to be legal, and a quarter panel to not give everyone the heebie jeebies, and a new bumper for some sort of perfection–but I’m still impressed. They took a hammer, a chain jack, and a telephone pole and turned a pile of crap into a working vehicle.

Boggled.  And very impressed.

Oh! So Squish got an invitation to apply to an IB school for junior high. Her father and I were very proud, but ZB?

ZB was a wee bit jealous.

“Oh, yay Squish! We are so proud!”

“It’s cold in her long shadow,” he said, then he ran to pout in his room.

I had a long heart to heart about how we all had our strengths and weaknesses, and how his creative super-quick mind was going to get him some opportunities hers didn’t, and how here intuitive, thoughtful approach was going to get attention he didn’t.

I thought he was doing okay before bed…

But I couldn’t get over his whoa is me. A kid who can be jealous of his sister using that phrase isn’t going to live an ordinary life.

And I was whining a lot for someone who finished a book yesterday.  Then I found this Bob’s Burger’s meme. Put everything into perspective for me. I thought I’d share.

Halloween candy is still evil, but the whining, she is over.

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