When Squish and ZoomBoy were the Cave Troll and Ladybug

 So, we had some lost years of photos, a transition period between the old-fashioned camera, the electronic camera, and the ever-present, ever-handy smart-phone.

Now, I’m pretty sure these electronic camera pictures– I remember the ritual of plugging it into my computer every time I blogged, and I’d been blogging for  a few months by this point. Squish looks about a year old, and I started when she was around two weeks.

I was feeling a little blue today– post-book-release sadness, I guess. I don’t know why–I usually know going in what my results will be, this was no exception. I guess my defenses were a little low from being sick this weekend and that little bit of letdown still took me by surprise. That and the kids are getting older–and much more independent (and, right now, both of them are sick!) and… well, did I mention the letdown?

Anyway– Mate found these in his camera last night and they proved just the antidote for the “whoa is me” blues.

Notice Squish (who was Ladybug on the blog at the time) is doing the “Hail Jesus!” thing with her little squirter! And ZoomBoy is still built exactly the same. Like Calvin from  Calvin and Hobbes but with a little pot belly.

This was back when we kept the lawn a lawn and we had a big dog (she’s in some of the other pictures, but Chicken is in those, and we have an agreement not to show those pictures anymore.) Anyway– this moment is so bright and shiny, and lovely, I had to share.

By the way–for everybody who reviewed String Boys– thank you. Your support means the world to me, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it !

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