Whose Foot Is That?

Okay…my family and I just spent five minutes trying to figure out whose deformed, hairy, vampire-clawed foot that is in the Captain Stashdive picture on the front of the blog. I think it’s Mate’s, but I don’t remember Mate’s foot being quite that hairy. Ah, well… maybe there WAS a vampire in the house? Wouldn’t THAT be exciting.

Actually, it would be about the only exciting thing to happen here in a while.

The little kids are feeling better–better enough, in fact, to take them to the park today and let them play until Ladybug was stumbling about in weariness. Then we took them to Target and revived her with shoes! (She has a total shoe fetish… it’s so cute…and she’s very definite as to which pair of pink keds she absolutely MUST have. Who is this child, and how did she spring from the loins of a woman who has worn very little besides men’s loafers and white tennies for the last six years? )

Anyway, I’m about to have a VERY exciting entry on Ravelry since I’ve almost finished the al-paca baby sweater. It’s sort of a vanity project. I don’t know the teacher who’s wife had the baby all that well…but I saw the yarn, and it was just SOOOOOO perfect… and then I touched it. Marshmallows swimming in drawn sugar-butter are scratchier (and not as rich) as this particular yarn. And suddenly it became a matter of I HAD to find a project I could use just one skein of it on… I’m starting to think that me and yarn are just a little co-dependent, aren’t we?

Seriously–I make my own kids’ sweaters out of cascade or plymouth or something that’s 80% acrylic/20% wool… (okay… i did dabble w/the cashmerino aran…but it was when Ladybug was 1!!! ) Anyway, this is very sumptuous. It almost makes me want to diet so I can make my own sweater that won’t cost me a fortune!!!

And thanks to those of you who have reviewed the book! I’m so very fortunate to have readers that will do that for me–I feel very blessed. (And you like it–you really really like it! It’s finally settling in that I’m a real writer, and I’m decent!) Although I must say, that Chicken has just finished the book, just to keep me humble. She pointed out six major errors (in one case I substituted character names, effectively putting three people in the room where, in fact, only two existed. OY!) but by the end, she did agree that Aldam was much better for Roes than Aylan, giving me hope for her future after all. (Starry, however, will still give me fits:-) Anyway, by the time she was done I think that she felt like I was a real writer as well… I was pleased. I was also assured that even if the publishers of Big Books incorporated descend upon my head like angels of materialism and success, my head would never be allowed to become too big. Chicken just won’t let it. Family is a blessing, that way, isn’t it?

(btw? She just asked me why I liked to blog so much. I replied that all her friends were at school and she got to see them every day… she was unimpressed with my reasoning.)

Well, I’m off to go sign us up for Stitches and the Train thereto… after which, I’m sure we will both need a total break from each other.


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  1. Julie says:

    The Goob has a shoe fetish too. The in-laws gave her neon green and electric blue beach shoes yesterday, and she wanted to wear them to bed. She also likes jewelry. My mother-in-law gives her manicure and pedicures and the kid will SIT STILL until the polish dries. (Wait. Maybe I should do that every day.)

    LOVE the picture, especially the ginger cat leaning on the kid’s head. Adorable. That’s probably why you’ve let them all live. It’s why I let mine live.

  2. roxie says:

    I look at you simultaneously cuddling two cats and two kids, and it occurs to me that you have a heart about the size of Idaho. What a splendid photo. Someone needs to save that for your funeral. (Yes, you will die some day. We all will.) It is so perfectly you – embracing all!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I would recognize my husband’s feet anywhere because of the butterfly shaped acid burn on one foot. He worked briefly cleaning pasta machines when he was between IT jobs and some acid spilled on his foot. It ran down both sides inside. There is a lovely scar there. Did we go to the ER for what were serious acid burns? Of course not. We went hiking without telling our wife that we had burned our foot. He managed to keep it hidden until one of the girls said “EWWW daddy, what’s on your foot”. How he wore a hiking boot on it is still beyond my comprehension.

  4. Em says:

    What a great picture, you guys all cuddled up together on the chair. Ladybug sounds like my kind of girl, shoes are a good thing, and you can never have too many pairs. She sounds like me when I was about that age, too–I had a deep, abiding love of all things sparkly and pink. Thankfully, it seems to have worn off a little in the last couple of decades, else my co-workers would never be able to respect me.

  5. Galad says:

    I loved the picture too, it looks like some of my favorite times with kids and cats. Enjoy – it won’t be long before the little ones will be to big to fit in the chair with you!

  6. TinkingBell says:

    Love the pickie!! (And love the book – and my parcel and the fact I’m still grinning like a fool at getting the t-shirt – and constantly petting the yarn – I’m going to make it all fuzzy before I even knit it!)

  7. Catie says:

    Are you sure it is hair and not just dirt? And I love the photo too, like everyone has just mentioned. Y’all look so cuddly. And the shoe thing? hilarious

  8. NeedleTart says:

    Wonderful picture. The package came Friday, and I have spent time wondering when I can wear the T-shirt to school (everyone knows about my friend “the author” who let me read her new book first). The Rabbi was here for the weekend and my friend the shrink came for dinner. She wanted to know if she can order the book yet because you write so well.

  9. Bells says:

    Little girls with shoe fetishes are so lovely. That LB has one really says it’s nature, not nurture that determines these things!

    And I completely missed the news that you are on Ravelry. I have sought you out!

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